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Factors Affecting The Customer Satisfaction In E

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This study evaluates major factors (i.e. service quality, brand perception and perceived value) affecting on customers’satisfaction in e-banking service settings. This study also evaluates influence of service quality on brand perception, perceived value and satisfaction in e-banking. Required data was collected through customers’ survey. For conducting customers’ survey likert scale based questionnaire was developed after review of literature and discussions with bank managers as well as experts in customer service and marketing. Collected data was analyzed using principle component (PCA) ...view middle of the document...

The quality of service is one of the major determinants of the customer satisfaction

Today, almost all banks in are adopted ICT (information and communication technology) as a mean of enhance service quality of banking services. They are providing ICT based e-services to their customers which is called as e-banking, internet banking or online banking etc. It brings connivance, customer centricity, enhance service quality and cost effectiveness in the banking services and increasing customers’ satisfaction in banking services. Even now, customers are also evaluating their banks in the light of e-service era. However, author felt that, there are may be somepossibilities of gaps between customers’ expectations and actual perception of service quality, brand perception and perceived value in e-banking. Therefore, author has conducted this research to identify the major factors affecting on customers’ satisfaction in e-banking in Indian context.


There is hug literature available relation to measuring service quality and customer satisfaction relating to online and offline services. It elaborate that, there is strong relationship between service quality, brand perception and perceived value with customer satisfaction and loyalty.

2.1. Service quality and customer satisfaction The relationship between expectations, perceived service quality and customers satisfaction have been investigated in a number of researches (Zeithaml, et al, 1988). They found that, there is very strong relationship between quality of service and customer satisfaction (Parasuraman et al, 1985; 1988; ). Increase in service quality of the banks can satisfy and develop attitudinal loyalty which ultimately retains valued customers (Nadiri, et al 2009). The higher level ofperceived service quality results in increased customer satisfaction. When perceived service quality is less than expected service quality customer will be dissatisfied (Jain and Gupta, 2004). According to Cronin and Taylor (1992) satisfaction super ordinate to quality-that quality is one of the service dimensions factored in to customer satisfaction judgment.

2.2. Brand reputation and customer satisfaction Marketing literature including NCSI and ACSI literature examined positive of the link between the satisfaction and the brand reputation. Wafa et al (2009) mentioned that, the nature and amount of a consumer's experience with an evoked set of brands. Perceived brand reputation has significant impacts on customer satisfaction and a consumer' beliefs about brand are derived from personal use experience, word-of-mouth
Endorsements/criticisms, and/or the marketing efforts of companies. (Woodruff et. al.,1983).
A brand perception is also one of the important aspects of in banking sector. Perceived brand reputation in banking sector refers to the banks reputation and expiating place of bank in the banking industry (Che-Ha and Hashim, 2007; Reynolds, 2007). It measures experience of...

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