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Factors Affecting The Academic Pefomance Of Engineering Students

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In partial Fulfillment for the
Requirements for Methods of Reasearch

Castillo, Gonda, Santos,

I. Introduction
Engineers nowadays are in demand to lots of companies here and abroad. In fact, thousands of engineering graduates and board passers work mostly in other countries. This is the reason why lots of students took engineering courses.
Engineering has always been considered as a very difficult course by most of the students. It’s almost always the last thing that will come to the minds of the students when it comes to choosing their course or program. Engineering, as a ...view middle of the document...

Engineers are problem solvers, organizers, communicators, calculators and designers. They are capable of clearly defining a problem and its relevant constraints (such as time, cost, etc.) and providing a simple solution.
The performance of a student depends on many factors. It is a great advantage to professors and students to know these factors to help them assess their academic performance. Nevertheless, three factors - family, teacher, and personal profile of students, are most critical (Diaz, 2003) and these factors should be studied to give us reasons why it affects the performance of the students. Significance of factors may vary depending upon the context, culture, and level of education. Family interaction and the Socio Economic Status (SES) of the family may play an important role in the performance of students. As stated by Schulz (2005), "The socio-economic status of families has been consistently found to be an important variable in explaining variance in student’s achievement" (p. 3). The second factor which can alter the performance is the teacher. UNESCO (2005) explains that teachers are a key enabling factor in improving the quality of education. The evidence of this and many other reports is that teachers are critical to any reform designed to improve quality (p. 154). Marchesi and Martin, as cited by Diaz (2003), elaborated on the role of the aptitude of the students. They believe that "that the pupil’s socio cultural level and his previous aptitudes indirectly influence the outcomes of learning since they delimit the classroom procedures" (p. 47).
Our research paper will tackle the academic performance of engineering student in their chosen field. This paper also aims to show the factors that affects their grades and the probable solution for this problem.

II. Objectives of the Research
This research will assess the factors affecting the academic performance of engineering students in their major subject. More specifically, the following are the objectives of this research.
This study aims to describe the profile of the respondents of the Engineering students in Lyceum of the Philippines University - Batangas.
This will also determine the extent to which the following affects the academic performance of the students: Personal Factors, School-Related, Factors Family Factors and Social Factors.
The study also aims to determine the academic performance of the engineering students in their fundamental courses.
This will also tackle the relationship between performance in each fundamental courses needed for higher mathematics and factors affecting academic performance.
This is study will also propose plans of action that would assist the parents and university authorities to have a deeper understanding of the factors affecting academic performance of students and take necessary actions.
III. Hypothesis
There is a significant effect in the academic performance of engineering students when it comes to personal,...

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