Factors Affecting Teams Essay

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5 Factors Affecting Team Effectiveness In An Organisation
Some of the factors affecting team effectiveness are shown as follows:
While informal work groups often develop feelings of close affiliation among members, formal work groups sometimes do not develop such loyalty. It is very important for management to develop, among the group members, such characteristics as dedication and cohesiveness. As Likert concludes:
“Management will make full use of the potential capacities of its human resources only when each person in the organization is a member of one or more effectively functioning work groups that have a high degree of group loyalty, effective skills of interaction, and high ...view middle of the document...

iii. When both quality and consensus are important, a team of five to seven members seems most appropriate.
It is important to have odd number of members in the group so that a majority decision can be reached and there is no deadlock.
c. Group norms:
Group norms are the informal guidelines of behaviour and a code of conduct that provides some order to group activities and operations. These guidelines are expected to be followed by all the group members. These unwritten expectations usually develop gradually as group members learn as to what behaviours are necessary for the group to function effectively.
These group norms may be concerning attendance, performance, interpersonal interaction, dress code and so on. The groups enforce compliance with norms in many ways. They can reward people who comply with group norms by appreciating them, by listening to them in a respectful manner and by making them leaders of the groups.
Also the groups can take negative actions against those persons who deviate from the group norms in the form of ridicule or by “silent treatment” or by withdrawing privileges or by ultimate action of expelling them from the membership of the group.
d. Synergy:
Synergy simply means that two plus two equal five. To achieve synergetic effects, the collective performance must produce better results than the sum of individual performances.
Accordingly, it is...

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