Factors Affecting Study Habits Of Students

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Chapter I
Research Background
Teachers are educators that teach us what we must learn. They are one of the most inspiring people not only in school but also within our nation. They help us to achieve our goals and dreams in life, and the ones who shape every person’s character. We consider them as our second parents who guide and lead us to the right path. And it truly proves that all educators are such a magnificent person.
According to Benito (2000), the best hope for education lies with the teacher; his education is of primary importance. She explained that the quality of education the teacher has to transmit to his students largely depends on the quality of his ...view middle of the document...

Whenever teachers do unnecessary things in front of his class, different perception can be form in the mind of his students. The gender of the teacher can be also one of the factors. The physical appearance of the educators and how he or she treats his students can also affect the way of a student.
Teachers have an important role in classroom communication, classroom behaviour management, and the achievement of teaching aims. The influence of teacher’s attitudes inside and outside the class on students' academic success was determined freely through student observation and student opinions(Journal Articles; Reports - Research).
According to Thomas S. Dee, when a class is headed by a woman, boys are more likely to be seen as disruptive. When taught by a man, girls were more likely to report that they did not look forward to a subject. Some theories suggest that much depends on the gender of the teacher. One theory asserts that the teacher’s gender shapes communications between teacher and pupil, while another says the teacher acts as a gender-specific role model, regardless of what he or she says or does. According to this second theory, students are more engaged, behave more appropriately, and perform at a higher level when taught by one who shares their gender.
The attitude of the student or how he/she behave in class most likely depends on how teachers manage his/her students. How the students learn depends on how the teachers speak or communicate in front of his/her class.
Some Researchers have consistently found that "girls are more concerned than boys are with pleasing adults, such as parents and teachers" (Pomerantz, Altermatt, & Saxon, 2002, p. 397). Most boys, on the other hand, will be less motivated to study unless the material itself interests them while girls tend to look on the teacher as an ally. Given a little encouragement, they will welcome the teacher's help.
Research on gender-related perceptions found that females at the both primary and secondary levels viewed their teachers as more dominant and more positive and cooperative than do males (e.g., Goh& Fraser, 1995; Rickards& Fisher, 1997; Levy et al., 1992, 2003; Rickards, 1998; Waldrip& Fisher, 1999; Wubbels& Levy, 1993). And there is a clear relationship between student’s beliefs and their perceptions of teacher’s communication patterns (Predicting students’ perceptions of Science teacher, pg. 7).
Through this research, we will know if the gender of a teacher does really affects the academic performance of a student. And all the details that will be gathered and is related to this research will surely be one of the things that will serve as a thorough finding of this research.
Importance of the Study
This study aimed at giving benefits to the people who are directly and indirectly involved in this study.
For the students, this study will encourage them to be more observant on what happens inside their classroom; thus giving them the idea on...

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