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Factors Affecting Students In Terms Of Comprehension And Literature

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Existential counselling is a philosophical form of counselling which addresses the situation of a person's life and situates the person firmly within the predictable challenges of the human condition. Existential counselling considers human living to take place within four dimensions: physical, social, psychological and spiritual. It shows each of these dimensions to be constituted like a force field, within which predictable paradoxes, tensions and dilemmas play out. Human beings can learn to deal with these tensions and conflicts more effectively by facing up to the negatives as well as the positives of their lives, including the tensions of life and death, love and hate, strength and ...view middle of the document...

‘Existential – Phenomenology’ takes the human condition as the focus of investigation and therapy focuses on the uniqueness of each individuals, particular experience.

Through the therapeutic relationship, existential practice creates an opportunity for clients to develop new awareness of the challenges they feel confronted with, and therefore uncover new choices and paths in overcoming life’s emotional difficulties. 

By building self-knowledge and self-awareness clients are able to grow and conquer issues which may at times feel all consuming or overwhelming. Suffering from severe anxiety or panic attacks, for example, can be addressed through an understanding that anxiety is not similar to a virus, which can be caught (in the same manner as a cold or flu), but is the outcome of choices we have made in the past, and can make in the future, in life and the context we find ourselves in. 

By exploring your context or ‘worldview’ in therapy, it becomes possible to understand these choices and create new opportunities to develop and see a way out of your personal suffering/situation. In exploring our relationships we also explore the way that everything we do is dependent on the context of our lives. The fluid and relational nature of existential psychotherapy/counselling makes it a relevant and useful approach for the hugely varied and individual challenges life presents to each one of us, in a unique way.
Existential therapy is a branch of psychology that deals with the relationship each human being has with the rest of the world and how each person handles the challenge of essential life decisions. Existential therapy aims to capture the spirit and passion that exists in each person and to make them feel like they choose their destiny through the making of choices, as opposed to living a robotic life and existing as reaction to someone else’s decisions.

What isExistential therapy?
When we are confronted with challenges and experience traumatic events, we behave in ways that may seem irrational or self-defeating. We may even choose actions that cause harm to ourselves or to others. Reflecting on these behaviours, with the help of a psychologist, gives us insight into the reasons we chose these actions and helps us to learn from our mistakes and make better choices in the future.
You do not need to be an ‘existentialist’ to benefit from existential therapy; you need only a desire to be happier and a willingness to reflect upon how your choices are part of the solution.
Existential Therapy is an approach to counselling that helps us to understand ourselves, other people and the world we all inhabit together. Existential Therapy helps people to build confidence that they are making good choices.
Existential Therapy is not reserved solely for people who suffer from severe psychological problems; it is for everyone who is having trouble making a good decision when they experience the kind of challenges issued by life.

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