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Factors Affecting Falling Grades Essay

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A blank piece of paper is God's way of telling us how hard it to be God. 
Sidney Sheldon |
“Life’s too short to waste time on pretense. Laugh, be merry, and enjoy life the way you want to.”“Following someone you look up to is a good practice. Following your heart and having others follow in your footsteps is even better.”“Speak with your body, think with your heart and love with your soul.”“Don’t be insecure with others. Imperfection is beauty. Always have the courage within yourself”“We may not know it, but most of us live to be remembered as someone else and not as who we truly are.”“If you are always true, you do not need to remember anything you said or did in the past.”
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You have only to look inwards to see it and get it.”“Follow your dream no matter how absurd, farfetched, wild or crazy you might think it to be. For in reality, man has no limitations. In the pursuit of your dream, you get to meet the real you.”“Don’t take life too seriously. Relax, enjoy and continue to play. Take things easy as they come along. Remember, only fools grow old.”“Being yourself has its limitations. You have to step on the brake and control yourself if you start to annoy or hurt people and their feelings; and society begins looking at you as a nuisance.”
“You are not what you see in the mirror. You are what you feel in your heart.” Quotes about being yourself“Speak with your body, think with your heart and love with your soul.”“The best part of being you is the child in you.”“One evolves into the being that he wants to become and then unravels once again.”“Being you is being with people you admire, respect and love.”“Let your inner light shine through. Many will take notice, but the people who matter most will be the ones who will appreciate you for the real you.”“Being nice doesn’t mean you’re a pushover. Being real doesn’t mean you have to be rude.”“Don’t be afraid to speak up. Some people may not appreciate your opinion, others may criticize you for it. But the intelligent ones will respect you for it. ““Hiding behind a façade to please everyone else can make you forget the most important person that you should always keep happy: yourself.”“When you wear a disguise for too long, you slowly forget about the real person behind the mask, and you’ll end up hiding behind one disguise after another.”“To define oneself is an elusive endeavor. The only way to do it is to live.” Quotes about being yourself“Being yourself is a lot easier than trying to please everybody else.”“Be eccentric, if you are. Be brilliant, if you are. Be loud, if you are. Do not inhibit yourself from being who you’re supposed to be.”“Define yourself and live with it!”“Never climb your neighbors mountain or take care your friends garden. You have your own life to manage.”“The most painful kind of betrayal is not betrayal...

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