Factors Affecting Business Management And Office Administration Students’ Behavior In Shifting From One Course To Another

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Chapter 1 1
Background of the Study
Shifting of course is a way of college students to change their chosen program to another that may have been caused by many incompatibility to compete in that specific program. Choosing a course is difficult. A lot of factors are to be considered. Choosing to pursue it or not is more difficult. Even the brightest student fails in class sometimes. On the other hand, it is unhealthy to force a student into something that he is not happy with. It will only result todisappointments and regrets in the future. The first year is ...view middle of the document...

But what causes the shift from one course to another would obviously mean that several failures may be responsible for a student’s choice.
According to Tideman (2002) career development unfolds within the general process as one resolves ego-relevant crises. This will depend on the type of career you wish to pursue and where you are on your current course.
Thus, the study aims to know the factors affecting the behavior of Bachelor of Business Management and Office Administration in shifting from one course to another.
Statement of the Problem
The main purpose of this study is to know the Factors affecting Business Management and office administration students’ behavior in shifting from one course to another.
This study attempts to provide answers to the following questions:
1.) What is the profile of the respondents in terms of:
1:1 Age
1:2 Course
1:3 Year Level
1:4 Gender
1:5 Civil Status
2.) What are the Factors affecting Business Management and Office Administration students’ behavior in shifting from one course to another in terms of:
2:1 Financial Problem
2:2 Academic Level
2:3 Family
2:4 Passion and
2:5 Problem with the student’s choice from the beginning
3.) Is there a significant relationship between the profile of the students and their behavior?
Hypothesis of the Study
The researchers have drawn a null hypothesis that there is no significant relationship between the profile of the respondents and their behavior.
Significance of the Study
This study is deemed significant to the following:
Students.The findings of this study could help the students to decide whether to transfer to another school or to shift another course that really fits his interest.Decision making is continuous process in which individuals will change their courses of career action, generally by leaving a current setting or environment. College Professors.The study serves as a guide for them to know the problems encountered by students with regard to shifting of course. Choose a major that they think will fit their personality type (Mihyeon,2009).The confidence that a professor can determine how far a student will go with their education.
Scope and Delimitation of the Study
The study is concerned with the Factors affecting Business Management and Office Administration Students’ Behavior in Shifting from one course to another in Pangasinan State University, San Carlos Campus (2015-2016).
The survey was administered to 100 Business Management and Office
Administration students inPangasinan State University, San Carlos Campus. Students were from 16 to 25 years old.
Definition of terms
The following terms are defined operationally.
Age.This is the chronological age of the students.
Course. This refers to program of...

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