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Facing Both Sides Of The Problem: Rehabilitating The Rapist

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Facing Both Sides of the Problem: Rehabilitating the Rapist |
Tamara S. RogersLiberty University PACO 625 B01 Healthy SexualityDr. John Thomas |
01/292015 |


Part I: Focus of Case Study
Rape is such a heinous crime that lingers in the psyche of the victim long after the physical evidence is gone that it is no wondering why much attention is focused on the healing and resilience of the victim. The most attention the offender receives in a mug shot in the media and news of their court date, verdict, and sentencing aired. This is only facing half of this world wide atrocity. This case study will focus on a male that has been convicted of the rape felony and ...view middle of the document...

Ned is unable to recall “normal” experiences with his mother, and though he has always, according to those who thought they knew him, seemed to genuinely love his mom, when confronted with their true story a hidden anger and resent arise.
The nature of Ned’s crimes. Ned admitted knowing and having a platonic relationship with each female. He knew more about their personal lives than each victim knew. Neither female had reason to fear Ned or believe he was capable of such horrific behavior until the moment the rape took place. Ned is described by each victim as becoming someone significantly different than who he was known to be. The crimes were violent with each victim being beaten severely, though not fatally, and enduring rough sexually assaults. Two of the victims reported believing that Ned was crying and murmuring statements such as, “I love you” and “I’m sorry”.
Ned did not resist arrest, though he did elude the law enforcement for quite some time. He admitted to his...

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