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Facility Planning Part 1 Essay

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Facility Planning Part I
University of Phoenix
February 1, 2012

Facility Planning Part I
In my community there is a significant need for an urgent care facility. The emergency room in my community is providing care for uninsured, and emergencies at the moment. If it was an urgent care facility for the ambulatory patients who are uninsured; this would take a huge load off the emergency room, and it would allow true emergencies to be treated accordingly. Currently many services that can be rendered in such a setting are done at the hospital as an outpatient service. This service uses up valuable resources, which could be used for inpatient population is an urgent care facility ...view middle of the document...

There is a large number of military, children, uninsured, and elderly within this community. The elderly population has a rough time traveling to their own personal doctor let alone to an urgent care facility in a larger city because urgent care is not offered in this community.
If the elderly need to be seen immediately they will have to be seen at the community emergency room where there is long hours and too busy for acute care. The children population in this community would be able to get routine pediatric care in an outpatient atmosphere and leaving difficult illnesses for the children hospital in the city. The uninsured population depends on an inpatient admission to get surgical care that could be offered as an outpatient service. In order to provide patients with adequate services and accessible health care, it should be a need to call for accommodation to the health care amenities and construct new facilities to keep the current ones which is overbooked with the huge demand of services from different patrons. Every type of development proceeded on must be in line with the monetary provisions that are accessible at the time.
The design should consist of mapping out the idea, objective, and purpose for the project to assemble. The renovation or expansion should have a long term horizon that equaled in years rather than weeks or months. The mapping and expanding of the urgent care facility will take consideration and time with concern to strict resources, condition, the...

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