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Facility Planning Paper Part 1

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Downriver Medical Associates
India Williams
April 8, 2013
Randall Webb

Health care facilities have changed throughout the years they have improved in services that they provide as well as they assumed different sizes and shapes. Health care facilities no longer have the cold feeling and distinctive smell that the use to. The building looks more like the community that their located in and they also cater more to the community. Patients expect to receive the best care possible and physicians want to provide the best care to their patients. Physicians strive on ensuring their patients are satisfied and comfortable with their services from the minute they walk into the ...view middle of the document...

It’s good to have an affiliation with a hospital since they provide care to so many communities patients feel comfortable with not having to drive far in the event they need to go to the Hospital that their physician has associations with.
The area that DMA is located in is a diversity community with individual from every walk of life. There are numerous businesses in the area. All three of the facilities as well as the new facility is located in a family environment. There several schools in the area, long-term care facilities, shopping as well as night live. Currently DMA is under renovation their opening a state of the art facility that is due to open in Early 2014. They are improving the outside area of the building as well as creating more interior design in the inside. Staff will be using the state of the art instruments and patients will be waiting in a comfortable environment and they also have big exams rooms.
DMA is a family oriented facility many of their patients are patients who lived in the area. They have provided service to the downriver area for many years. DMA has a long history “of teaching students across all healthcare disciplines, medical students, medical...

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