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Facility P Essay

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lanning IRunning head: FLORIDA SURGERY CENTER

Florida Surgery Center
India Bell
July 16, 2012
Jennifer Freel

Florida Surgery Center

When concerning the renovation of the Florida Surgery Center there are certain things to consider when doing renovation like what is the Florida Surgery Center, the community or facility needs, and the population that the surgery center will be servings.
The Florida Surgery Center is a center help with performing surgery on patient that has a serious health related issues, they also help treat patient when the hospital has too many patients. In order for the Florida Surgery Center to run properly it requires some much needed renovation.
The Florida Surgery Center renovation for the interior is 12,000 square feet, which will include three operating rooms, and ambulatory surgery center. Also, includes scope clean room and a gastroenterology suite. The Florida Surgery Center help provides ...view middle of the document...

The main issues was incomplete design, other contractors, weather, and working in an operating facility are some of the basic challenges when renovating the Florida Surgery Center. In the end the Florida Surgery Center was needed because many patients can go have surgery, and get treated with out having to worry about staying over night at a hospital.
Florida Surgery Center serves any race or ethnicity. If the individual is suffering from an injury the surgery center will treat them. According to Mozes “Americans who suffer traumatic injury faces a greater risk of dying at the hospital that serves as a high proportion of minority patients a new study show the increase of death in hospital.” (Mozes, 2011)
The pressure on the hospital funding could be the blame for so many deaths and the Florida Surgery Center will be very beneficial in this case this will help with majority of the population. Florida Surgery Center population is for any type of culture in surrounding nations that require treatment for major or minor treatments. The Florida Surgery Center is located in many major cities the major one in my area is Orlando, Florida and Altamonte Springs, Florida.
Florida Surgery Center renovation total cost was $250,000 which every penny went toward renovating and making the surgery center a place that people can get the best treatment that their is to offer. Renovating healthcare facility can have challenges when designing any surgery center whether it was good or bad. The Florida Surgery Center saved a lot of money by doing a self performed renovating. The Florida Surgery Center has spread world wide helping many patient of many different culture get the treatment that he or she deserve. Today the Florida Surgery Center is still going strong and is still renovating to provide more health care services.

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