Facilities Management Essay

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Facilities Management Terms
Thelma Joyce Myles
Facilities Management
University of Phoenix
Instructor: Robert Brigdeman
March 8, 2010

Facilities Management Terms

Facilities management in the field in which I am employed has allowed me to encounter most of the terms in my final for facilities management. However, I must admit that comprehending these terms did not take place until I enter this class of Facilities Management. This class has brought to my attention that just because I am not in a segment of facilities, engineering and planning or operation management, or any other name that is related to facilities management.
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Risk Management
The best way to avoid risk on the premises of a facility in hospitality management is to create a few plans, which would help an organization alleviate potential risk to guests and staff members. Contingency, horizon and action plans are three plans that will help an establishment the risk of liabilities to guest and staff members.
According to Tatum(2010) the contingency plan is simply a secondary or alternative course of action that can be implemented in the event that the primary approach fails to function as it should. Plans of this type allow businesses and other entities to quickly to adapt to changing circumstances and remain in operation, sometimes with very little inconvenience or loss of revenue.
Horizon plan is for a plan that is a long term project. Hence, the project must be split into parts containing key milestones or phases, whatever is appropriate. As one milestone is reached another appears on the ‘horizon’ (Risk Management, 2006).
The Action Plan focuses primarily on the greater metropolitan region and contains diverse strategies and actions, approaching the problem on many fronts and linking State and local government, industry and individual actions for an integrated risk, which will put the organization at risk for liabilities.
The best ways to prevent risks in a facility are:
Create a risk management plan
Empower staff to take ownership to reduce liabilities
Correct risk on the spot
By applying these steps will reduce the liability risk that may occur on any property. Simple items like putting a caution sign out when mopping the floor to prevent slips and falls, or hold a workshop for preventive injuries like proper lifting, administrating CPR, or evacuating a building during a fire.
While most facilities do not have horizon plan the others two plans are always in effect in all facilities.
Asset and Guest Security
Asset security can be tangible and intangible items for facilities management can be anything from a building property to protecting their name brand and goodwill. In my facility my asset are equipment, food, and recipes. As managers it, is my duty to protect these items from thief or anything that would cause the organization to loss the rate on their return basically. If there a leak in the ceiling of the facility, my duty is to have it repair as quickly as possible to prevent further damage to the building and the equipment inside.
Guest security is a service provide by a facilities to ensure that if an accident occur the guest will be care for in a reasonable manner. Major and minor accident can happen at any given moment on a facility. The facility now must be prepare for any and every accident that can happen on the property Therefore, the crisis management plan will help prepare the facility for training, maintenance, and inspection checklists in addition to gathering feedback from guest on unseen hazard. Final come up with an...

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