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Facebook Is Leading An Unhealthy Life

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Facebook is leading an unhealthy life
Facebook, which now can be used by everybody in any generation, is one of the most popular website. According to the Daily Mail, using Facebook “could raise your risk of cancer”. The newspaper reported that social networking sites “could raise your risk of serious health problems by reducing levels of face-to-face contact.” This is based on an article expressing the opinion of psychologist Dr. Aric Sigman, who is concerned that a reduction in personal contact could increase the risks of heart disease, stroke and dementia.
Research at the UCLA School of Medical is reported to have found that social isolation can affect the level to ...view middle of the document...

My friend followed with me to my room. After handing to her a bottle of juice, I sat in front of my computer and continue checking my Facebook. ( In china, we are not be able to use Facebook, but we have our own “Facebook” called “RenRen Wang” which is typically the same as Facebook. Here, for not to make you confused, I will use “Facebook” instead.)
My friend stayed beside me for a little while and she went to the other room for Facebook as well. At that time, I did not even notice when she left me. What made me more frustrated was that we are both chatting with each other through Facebook in two rooms next to each other without even notice there was something abnormal! About two hours later, my mum came into my room and said: “ who are you chatting with?” “Ruimin!” I said it without thinking. My mum asked in a very confused way: “ Isn’t she at our home? She came to your house to visit you and now you two are chatting on Facebook? How about sitting together and talking face-to-face!”
My friend heard the words and went out, looking at me in guiltiness, which is the same thing I did to her. I am sure at that time we both noticed something really weird had been already happened a long time in our life. I can tell from our face expression.
We started to talk about how serious this problem was. At the same time, we asked our friends. Believe it or not, all my friends’ answers were exactly the same: “Yes! I had the same experience. Before you tell me, I didn’t notice. I just felt something strange sometimes, but now I get the point!”
No matter you notice it or not, this thing has been very common among our generation. Because we have known what is going on about our friends through Facebook by the status and the pictures they updating now and then. It will be much easier for us to write comment about their new status and the pictures but we forgot how to find a topic when we were face-to face! Nowadays, you can hear more “Facebook me” more than “ call me”. People are somehow afraid of communicating with others by the true voice in reality!
Meanwhile, parents are unhappy about their children staying in their own room checking Facebook all day long. Sometimes, my parents complain to me about their not knowing whether I am at home or not because I am so quiet and seldom come out of the room for a whole day, not to say talk to them.
“I can’t talk to you face-to-face when you are in your university far from home, and I can’t even talk to you face-to-face while you are at home?! I was expecting you can talk to us while we are sitting together for meals. I cook and wait for you everyday, but what you do is just come and take what you like and go back to your “boyfriend laptop” without even looking at me!”
I saw a pair of wrinkled eyes filling with tears. It was the first time I realized my mother, my lovely mother, was getting old. I knew my mum had been standing this for a long time. I realize I was doing something really “ridiculous”: checking the...

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