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Facebook Essay

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I forced myself up the stairs. After the day I had at school. I felt like the stairs went on for miles. I finally was in my room which was freezing cold because I had left the window open from this morning! I then closed my window to shut out the cold and closed the blind because the light was shining in from outside which was hurting my tired eyes. I couldn't wait to sit and relax on my laptop after I had got my tea. The internet had been down for days and my phone has been dead for days too. My little sister’s cat had decided it would be a good idea to chew right through the wire of my charger! But it was all sorted. The internet was back up and I had finally got a new ...view middle of the document...

Mark lied to me! The photo was 2 days old and he told me, when I asked him to come to mine that night, that he didn't want to because he wasn't feeling well. He just wanted to sleep. He was sleeping for most of the day and woke up for an hour and went back to sleep again, which seem a bit dodgy. I kept asking myself what I had done wrong to deserve this treatment. I then looked at all the notifications, but it was just rubbish. It was people commenting on the photo, the messages was from the random girl called Kimberley. I didn't have a clue who she was. Her message said “Haha Rebecca. Love the photo. Bet you don't!” I didn't even let the message bother me as I had no clue who she was. I hated Chloe who was in the photo with Mark! She was a nasty piece of work! We used to be best friends in primary school all the way up to P7, but when we went to high school everything changed with her. I didn't want to talk to any body. I turned the laptop off right away and threw it on the floor. I got into my bed and wrapped myself up in my covers and cried my heart out. I also sat there thinking about what happen to me and Chloe 5 years ago.
* * *

It was back in primary school. At this point we were in primary 7 just about to go up to high school. I and Chloe had been friends since the first day we went to school. We were so close her family was my family, and my family was her family! I never once thought anything could destroy our friendship. One day Chloe told me a really big secret about her. I was the only one who knew about it and no-one was to find out! Chloe was adopted when she was a little baby. Her mum and dad both left her as they didn't want to bring her up. I understood that no-one could find out about this as it was a huge secret.

It was our first day at high school and Chloe promised me that we would make lots of friends but we would still be as close. I wondered if this would actually happen or not. Every morning once I was ready for school I would go for her and then we would both go and get the bus together. She stayed 2 doors down from me. But one morning was different from any other normal day.  Her mum answered the door and said "Sorry honey, she just left about 10 minutes ago." I just walked away I was confused about why she had already left. I had to get the bus to school myself that day, when I had got off the bus I walked my other friends to school but it wasn’t the same we waited for the bell to ring for registration. Chloe wasn't in registration either so I had to sit myself. About half way through Chloe walked in with the biggest smile on her face like she just had a great time. She came and sat next to me. I asked her where she had been that morning and she replied " nowhere haha!" I thought it didn’t seem like her. I had noticed she was wearing a lot of make-up that day as well. She never spoke to me again for the rest of the day, never met me for lunch or anything! It was obvious what...

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