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Facebook Case Study

1095 words - 5 pages

Unit One Mini Project
Cal Intercontinental University
Professor George Ackerman
October 7, 2013
The case that I am about to analysis is called “Facebook: The New Face of E-Commerce?” Mark Zuckerberg, 23, founded Facebook while studying psychology at Harvard University. A keen computer programmer, Mr. Zuckerberg had already developed a number of social-networking websites for fellow students, including Course match, which allowed users to view people taking their degree, and Face mash, where you could rate people's attractiveness. In February 2004 Mr. Zuckerberg launched "The facebook", as it was originally known; the name taken from the sheets of paper distributed to ...view middle of the document...

The benefits of the E-commerce cannot be ignored as there are several advantages possessed by the E-commerce and its new emerging technology. The advancement in technology has made the E-commerce to expand its usefulness all over the world and things would have been wondered in the primitive times have now been made possible due to the benefits of the E-Commerce. The E-commerce not only entertains its own resources however there are various other channels through which the individuals can buy products. The social media is an important channel through which advertising of several products could be done. Among these social media sites, My Space, Twitter and Facebook are the famous ones that are used by almost all the users that are engaged in the online searching. Last few years shows that the customer satisfaction is the top priority of the facebook. Due to the social nature of the medium itself, buyers have internalized the need to acquire what they need in the shortest time possible. Thus, consumers demand Facebook Commerce platforms that are able to provide immediate response to all their demands, without intermediate steps or jumps, so that they can enjoy a purchasing process fast, smooth and efficient, without waiting or delay. In this sense the Facebook Commerce must provide a shopping experience unique and personalized according to each customer based on their tastes, preferences, and interests ((Laudon & Traver, 2011).
According to several studies, nearly half of Facebook users who are interested in the Facebook Commerce do it for the chance to get exclusive discounts and products. They value the fact to obtain products that cannot be purchased in any other platform and also get the best possible price. The truth is that the conversion rates of this social network approach 4% and that the average purchase in this network is already above $100. The vast majority of enterprises using e-commerce are increasingly turning to the use of platforms and services like Facebook or Twitter for commercial purpose, promoting their products and services in order to attract new potential clients.
This increase in popularity of the Facebook has certainly attracted interest of brands and advertisers as a viable means...

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