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Facebook Case Essay

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Facebook: its about the money
Case study

Facebook that is free to join and always willbe, facebook get the money from service 1bilion subsriber, and revenue facebook enterely came from advertising.
Facebook doesnt have a divverse array of hot new gadgets, a countrywide net work of brick and mortar retail outlets, or full inventory of softwere for sale; instead it has your personal information, and the information of hundreds of milions of other with facebook account.
Facebook goal is to serve advertisement that are more relavan to you than any where else on the web, but wit and without your consent can be also used againts you in other ways.facebook goal is user to share as ...view middle of the document...

1. Perform an ethical analysis of facebook. What is the ethical dilemma presented by this case
The ethical dilemma is when Facebook give their free service to the people, they also get people’s information. Actually it is not ethic to have someone else’s private information, but everyone give it voluntary.
2. what is the relationship of privacy to facebook business model?
Facebook need the information of the user in case of how and what kind of advertisment Facebook will give.
It’s not inappropriate, but that’s how facebook run their business
3. describe the weakness of facebook’s privacy policies and features. What management, organization, and technology factors have contributed to those weakness?
Facebook’s privacy policy is more difficult to comprehend than government notices or typical bank credit card agreement, which are notoriously dense.
Facebook also telling they will keep the information private, but they keep sharing it and make it public...

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