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Facebook Addiction Essay

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Facebook is the most popular social networking site that was created by Mark Zuckberg in 2004.Initially it is become a virtual medium for students of Harvard to identify each other but later it becoming a public domain in 2006.In Malaysia, there are 4.2 million active users of Facebook make it as a medium of social networking( Alexa 2010). Facebook seems to be a strong attraction for students to online because of the web support the motivations to be join.
Facebook seems to be the ultimate isolating technology that further reduces young female participation in many activities in the real world. From the literature review found that social escapism, pass time, interactive control, information and communication is among five motivation factors that influenced towards ...view middle of the document...

6% of them in the range age of 19-21 years old, whereas 51.1% of them are Malay students. Participants from UKM (63.2%) and another 36.8% from UNITEN. A total of 380 students studied IT with 72.6% of them are from undergraduate students.
Researchers identified that are 5 main motives for Facebook used among female students. Motive of Social interaction jotted that students mostly use Facebook to stay keep in touch with friends. Passing time motives explained that students primarily use Facebook to pass time when they feel bored thus related them to socialize with online friends. In terms of entertainment found that Facebook was the medium for students to share music videos, movies and games. While companionship motives shows that majority of respondents used Facebook to find long lost friends by easily typing the real name or nickname of their friends. Communication motives proven that Facebook use to send message and share information as it can save both time and money.
Majority of respondents agreed that Facebook has become part of daily routine. Thus, it make Facebook become the first thing when they logged to internet correspondingly make them become addicted. The findings show that there is significant relationship between the 5 motives of Facebook use with addiction. Based on the analysis and multiple regression tests, it can be concluded that passing time, entertainment, and communication were the strong predictor of Facebook addiction. This site has become more of an addiction than a fun activity for the large number of female students.
In conclusion, student’s motives for Facebook have become the main influences to the addiction of social site. The greater used would tend to create a problem of addiction, so these young generations should be educated on any danger that may lead to.

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