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Face Recognition Essay

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DECO HCI Seminar WS 2010/2011: Student projects
stefan.bachl January 19, 2011
Tags: android, application, hci, ios, mobile, open data, prototyping, seminar
This semester’s design task of the Human Computer Interaction seminar at DECO was to create, prototype and evaluate a location-aware mobile application that uses open data.
Five teams of three students each completed the seminar, resulting in creative, useful and sometimes also provoking use of fictitious open data. As open datain Austria is in its infancy (for more information visit, teams had difficulties finding existing open (government) data sources. Some teams solved this problem by augmenting their ...view middle of the document...

The application also provides tips and recipes for healthy food and dishes, so the users can inform themselves and learn something new at the same time. In such way the users’ affinity to application becomes more intensive.
Another feature makes possible to save the favorite shops users interact at most with. The application is built by adhering to the android guidelines. Testing with non smart phone users has proved that the application flow is logical and intuitional.

Team CNM Studios: ParkingApp
Christoph Derndorfer, Nemanja Dubravac, Michael Smolle
Parking App is the result of CNM Studios’ project undertaken during the HCI Seminar course in the winter-term 2010. The task of the course was to develop a horizontal prototype of a mobile application which made use of publicly available data (so-called open data). The focus was firmly set on the interaction design – rather than the functionality – of the app. In order to ensure obtaining a result with a high usability a user-centered design approach was applied throughout the development process.
Parking App itself focuses on providing users with context-relevant information about parking zones, parking garages, tariffs, and related details for Austrian cities. The goal is to provide and present this information in an easily and quickly accessible design, especially considering that users, such as co-drivers, are likely to use the app in a car.
As a result the most important use-cases can be completed with a few simple taps. For example finding the nearest free-parking zone can be accomplished with two taps and the closest parking garage and its information is accessible with three taps. Additional functionality includes a search for parking zones at specific addresses, optional layers to present extra information as a map overlay, and the option to use externally installed navigation apps for guidance.
To conclude: Finding relevant information about where to park your car in Austria right from your smartphone has never been easier.

Team hci_g3: Trümmerl-Tracker
Christoph Ambichl, Attila Lazar, Daniel Lazar
There are hundreds of thousands dogs in Vienna producing tons of excrement daily – most of it on the sidewalk. Now you can fight back! The “Trümmerl-Tracker” (Trümmerl: Viennese for dog dirt) application allows you to report “Trümmerl” you see lying around in streets and parks anywhere in Vienna. The reported positions are stored together with reports from other users and help to calculate an accurate estimate of pollutions made by dogs. Different grades of pollution are displayed as colors on the map.
If you want to get more involved, you can keep watching for dog owners and report them if they are not picking up the dirt of their dogs. All you have to do is take a picture of the sinner and optionally write a comment about the incident. You send your current position, the...

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