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Fable Essay Animal Farm

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Animal Farm

George Orwell’s Animal Farm can be said to be one of the most popular parodies, dealing with politics, which has ever been written. It is shown to be against communism and shows how the author observed the disloyalty of the ethics and beliefs of revolutionary Communist Party of the Soviet Union. It describes the meaning of tyranny in general and sarcasm at the mannerisms of any ruling class, to think what they know is right and it is the best course of action for those they rule. Animal Farm was written for almost sixty years now and it still impacts the way people think mentally. Animal Farm warns of blind faith, the abuse of power, and propaganda.

The story mostly tells readers how a revolution of farm animals emerged against a cruel master. They were all revolting against the unethical, greediness and a power hungry master. There is something we refer to toxic leadership. Being in the military, ...view middle of the document...

This is when people put their trust in something completely without questioning whether it works or is doing the right thing. Blind faith. Not too long ago, the BP Company was drilling. Nobody really questioned what was going. They ended up not being careful enough and could’ve prevented the explosion. Which compares to, if Boxer would have just questioned Napoleon’s motives in the beginning, he might have prevented his death.

It also shows how the author looks at tyranny and communism pretty similarly than dissimilar. The reason is because both seem to accomplish objectives through propaganda. Propaganda is meant to convince you of one or multiple points and is sometimes misleading. Through the book and the author’s viewpoint, readers will be aware that such system can be called as totalitarianism. Squealer is constantly trying to convince the animals of certain opinions. Says Snowball supported humanity and that Napoleon pronounced Snowball treacherous. One Technique is intelligence over animal’s naiveté. Another technique is Testimonial with Napoleon as one of the popular figure. Another technique used today such as the fear method or even the science method.

​The book is highly admirable and worth buying. I am pretty sure the author made a lot of money off of this book alone. This is my third time reading this novel. The author capable of ensuring the readers were aware of how he wanted to expose the general exploitation of socialist ideals and all came from the lust for power. Such political viewpoint is his way of mockingly presenting the revolution during his time. It was able to use the imaginations of humans and displays it in unexpected ways despite all flaws and disapprovals. After carefully analyzing this fable, it the author shows what he is trying to say, “two wrongs don’t make a right”.

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