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F5 Technologies Essay

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F5 Networks is an application services firm focused on networking and logistical enterprise services. They are expanding quickly and with great success. In order to support the increasing demands of their products they must be sure to expand the rest of the departments within the company at an even rate. While F5 continues to grow and develop new products and services it also acquiring new companies like Versafe, a company that specializes in real-time web protection and security it must ensure that it retains its ability to enter and support new markets that will be in demand in the near future. Some details they may want to consider focusing on could be their technical support, Research ...view middle of the document...

Jeffery S. Hussey founded F5 Networks in 1996 and chose Seattle as its origin. F5 Networks incorporated in 1996 as F5 Labs, a name derived from the 1996 film Twister in which the most powerful tornado was classified as F5 in power on the Fujita Scale. From the beginning they focused on providing network intelligence that would allow its customers to reduce costs, streamline business processes, and speed up the information systems time to ultimately increase revenues. This business model originated from a prediction that the Internet would eventually take off and that web-based industries would be struggling to keep up with the ever-growing traffic on their servers. TALK ABOUT SERVERS HERE. This prediction served as the target for F5’s first product, the BIG-IP controller.

As the Internet became increasingly prevalent, companies had to find ways to accommodate the similarly increasing traffic flow to the company servers where information is stored. One solution was to simply purchase more servers to handle the traffic similar to adding lanes on the freeway. F5 Network’s BIG-IP controller, introduced in 1997, offered a more cost efficient solution to this problem. The controller effectively directed incoming server traffic and provided important security features that were needed with the increased traffic flow. The success of BIG-IP helped F5 achieve revenues of $4.8 million by 1998.

The next year, 1999, F5 Labs became F5 Networks and went public. This same year revenues reached $27 million and the company began to expand its operations overseas. In 2000, John McAdam became F5 Networks’ CEO and president. McAdam “overhauled F5’s business model, shifting it from a direct sales to a partner/distributor sales model.”[3]

This overhaul helped lead to the success of the company. By 2006 quarterly revenues exceeded $100 million, and in 2007 revenues were over $500 million.

As F5 picked up momentum it broke away from its roots of simple load balancing technology through various acquisition and a more focused R&D department. F5 recently acquired LineRate Systems in 2013, which expanded F5’s capabilities to cover intellectual properties, layer 7+ networking technology, and of course, engineering talent. Now they produce an array of products for Application Delivery Networking platforms. A few of these are Local Traffic Manager (LTM) a local load balancing software, Global Traffic Manager (GTM) Global server load balancing, Link Control which is inbound-outbound controller, Application Security Manager (ASM) a web application firewall, and Edge Gateway. The Internet has wonderful things to offer businesses around the world and there are various programs that have been designed to increase productivity and strategy for all types of business. However, ADN takes it to a whole new level by enhancing security and network efficiencies to allow the programs that are already powerful and effective to be even better. When a...

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