F.Sionil Jose's My Brother, My Executioner. This Essay Analyzes The Character's Conflicts

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Discuss the issues involved in the conflicts between Luis and Victor, and between Luis and Do Vicente. Analyze the roots of these conflicts and their outcomes.Ever since Luis had hated his father, and Vic, his half brother, felt the same. They grew up in the same house, living together and they were close as ever. It was true until one day; one of the servants of the man in the big red house was outside their home. It started even the night before when his grandfather have started over dinner. One decision was all it took and changed everything.Growing up, Victor has always looked up to his half-brother, Luis. Obviously noticing that they were dissimilar, and knowing they are from different ...view middle of the document...

With all the sugar-coated lies that his father have told him, that he cared for him and that he have always thought of them once he found out about him, his child, in Sipnget, which, may be true-or maybe not, Luis is not able to fathom it all with what he has done, just leaving his mother there. Luis knows that what his father wants is to preserve the Asperris' wealth, and he was the only legal heir his father has. This is the reason why Luis is bound to follow his father. However, his heart still belongs to Sipnget, he knows it was home for him, not the big red house in Rosales. His obligation as an Asperri took over him and his heart. He was a coward, I can say. He was always confused, that is why he found comfort in Ester, because he knew Ester could say out loud what he found no words for in his head.Personally, I think that this is where all conflicts with Luis have rooted. First, Luis and Victor, half brothers as they are, they were born with different fates. Luis was bound to be an Asperri while Victor, there he was, left in Sipnget, bound to fight for what their grandfather has long been fighting for. They both have expressed for hatred and disgust for the Asperris, because of their ways and selfish minds. However, their fate had conflict. Since Luis was thirteen, their childhood memories remain as memories, and the future was changed for them. Mainly, the conflict between Victor and Luis was what they were doing for their lives. It was well said that they both believe in something. Indeed, Luis knew how it was to be in Sipnget, he knew what was it was to be there. He knew that he had to do something. He knew very well that they, the Asperris, were too well off and he knew the unrighteous doings of his forebears and even his father. But that was just about it, he knew, but he never did something. Vic, on the other hand, self-willed and strong as he has grown to be, knew, and did act on something to change everything. They both believed that the powerful and politicians and those who have money by them were unjust and taking advantage of the oppressed. However, only Vic acted. Luis was continually haunted by his conscience, but it was all there was to it. As Vic has said to Luis, he was taught well in his school, and that Luis should try it. Vic's school was the real world, harsh as it is. While Luis was confided with theories, books, in the four corners of a room, Vic was out there, experiencing life, outside. It was what has set them apart. Vic was more into acting rather...

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