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Eye Presentation Essay

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September 21st 2014

I have always enjoyed reading Jim Collins’ book “Good to Great”. In looking at his work there are a number of ideas and tips that can be utilized in health care. Collins does a very good job of describing how many successful companies are able to grow from good to great by having a changing environment, developing leaders, embracing technology, and establishing a culture of discipline. Collins stresses the importance of strategy and how all companies should be use the "hedgehog concept". Collins suggests using the following three criteria: 1) Determine what you can be best in the world at and what you cannot be best in the world at; 2) Determine what drives your ...view middle of the document...

In addition to focus on improving the patients’ experience with the care the clinic also sought to improve quality while reducing cost. In 2007 Cleveland Clinic underwent a transformation where it reorganized its departments from a traditional structure into a new multidisciplinary focus requiring all departments to work together to improve patient quality. (Raman, 2013) This redesign around patient needs instead of focusing work around department specialties helped shape reporting where outcomes became the focus and coordination of care was paramount. It required the development of informational technology to support the coordination of care. These new strategic developments helped to lead a change within the company. (Michael E. Porter, 2009)
The third example of strategic excellence I have reviewed occurred within the pharmacy sector. Several years ago Walgreens was faced with a choice, they were deciding if they would market themselves as a pharmacy benefits manager (PBM). Many in the organization felt they should market themselves as a health care provider. Walgreens developed a strategy much larger than this; they decided to develop a larger patient-centric, outcomes-focused strategy. (Jung, 2012) Walgreens developed a strategic business model that included three parts. First, transforming the community pharmacy, secondly, upgrading information technology, and thirdly, utilizing pharmacists to their highest capability. The new strategy would remodel all existing pharmacies, create walk in clinics, establish health screenings, and create wellness events. Walgreens launched an information technology initiative to link all of their pharmacies to enhance sharing of patient information. Now all pharmacies in the Walgreens network would have seamless access to patient records. Walgreens also encouraged their pharmacist to become credentialed in disease management to assist patients when they come into the pharmacy. Now pharmacist would help educate patients on their health care needs. (Jung, 2012)
The fourth example of strategic excellence deals with Walgreens and their decision to foster relationships at the community level with health care providers. Walgreens has begun to partner with other health care providers in an effort to improve patient clinical outcomes. In 2012, Walgreens partnered with Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago to develop a...

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