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Exxon Mobil Merger Analysis

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Exxon Mobil Corporation Introduction Exxon Mobil Corporation is a multinational oil and gas company that is based inAmerica. It’s a descendant at of the Rockefellers standard oil company and it was formed in1999 from the merger of the Exxon and Mobil companies. It’s headquartered in Irving, Texas.The company is one of the world’s largest publicly traded companies and has been ranked thenumber one or number two for the last five years. By the end of the year 2007 the company’sreserves stood at 72 million oil equivalent barrels while its production rates were expected to lastfor more than 14 years (Hrebiniak & William, 1984). The company has 37 oil refineries in more than 21 countries ...view middle of the document...

Kaplan, 2001). Some of them include the Hewlett Packard, general electric and the Motorola.When it comes to describing organization changes it mainly focuses on different examplesranging from franchising, partnerships, mergers and acquisition and joint ventures which usuallyvary when it comes to its outlook, method of initiation, method of implementation and on itsgoals. Generally organizational strategic changes involve two components which are planningand analysis processes which are studied in details through a keen look at the porters five forcesmodel as well as careful analysis of various environments that are critical before implementingnay organizational change. This paper will therefore critically appraise the utility of strategicplans in the effecting of the strategic change in the Exxon Mobil Corporation (Drucker, 1995). Critical appraisal of change in the Exxon Mobil Corporation Organizational change is often defined as the process of an organization adopting a newidea or behavior. In order for organizations to survive and prosper in this highly complex world,they must continuously adapt to new situations and move in line with the developing trend oflearning organizations which are able to engage each an everyone of tits employees in its process
3. 3of solving problems as well as foster its improvement based in lessons gained from experience(Glueck, 1980). Before undergoing any organization change plans to carryout an analysis regarding thecompany’s reading its legal political environments and socio-economic environments. theeconomic environments focuses on the economic conditions in the countries where theorganizations are operation al and focus on factors like infrastructure, economic development,products markets ,resource ,interest rates, ,inflation, exchange rates and economic growth. Thesocio-economic environment concerns with the core values including uncertainty, howeverdistance, collectivism, individualism and masculinity or femininity while the social values serveto influence organizational functioning as well as management style (Hax, 1988). All the stated factors have to be considered if any organization change has to be initiatedand implemented successfully. in addition to that some concerns have to be satisfied beforeadopting any organization change for instance the players in carrying out, the evaluation of theeffects of the changes in both the strategy and structure of the performance of the organization.Measurement of the effects of the organization changes strategy is conducted using indices likestock market price or even market share. Exxon Mobil and Strategic Change By 1999, the Mobil chemical company which was established in 1960 was a great namein the oil industry with its principal products including basic olefins and aromatics, polythenesand ethylene glycol. The company basically produced lube additives as well as synthetic lubebase, catalysts and propylene packaging films and thus enjoyed the benefits of...

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