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Extreme Sports Are Not A Hazard

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Extreme sports are not a hazard and should NOT be banned. There are many reasons that extreme sports should NOT be banned. Firstly, extreme sports can increase self esteem and confidence. Secondly, extreme sports challenge the person and increase their skill. And last but not least, extreme sport can add to a person’s experience, determination and courage.To begin, extreme sports should not be banned because it can increase a person’s self esteem and confidence. Some people like extreme sports very much because it can increase their confidence. Confidence is a quality that people should all possess. It is important to have enough ...view middle of the document...

Challenging can be rewarding because the person will feel trilled and a sense of glory. Extreme sports can improve one person’s skill. If the person likes extreme sports, they could practice until they are really good at it. This can be satisfying and fulfilling.Finally, extreme sports can add to a person’s experience, develop their determination and make them more courageous. A personal experience is very pleasing for many reasons. Personal experience is pleasing because a person could only have one chance in doing something in their whole life and many more. Extreme sports can boost someone’s determination and courage. Determination and courage are key qualities that are essential to do many things in the world today. Extreme sports can increase people’s determination because some extreme sports have no turning back and only the finishing, so determination is needed. These sports include rock climbing, kayaking in strong current rivers and many more. Courage could also be increased by extreme sports since only the people who have enough courage want to do the sports so after a while courage gets added.In conclusion, although extreme sports can be dangerous and some of them have no turning backs, there are people who like it very much. In addition, extreme sports can increase a person’s confidence, determination, experience, skills, courage and challenges oneself. Therefore, extreme sports should not be banned and they are not a hazard.

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