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Extra Curriculum Essay

2375 words - 10 pages

To the Faculty of College of Education
Leon Guinto Memorial College, Inc.
Atimonan, Quezon
In Partial Fulfillment
of the Requirements For the Degree of
Bachelor of Elementary Education
Remrena Venesha D. Santamina
Effects of Self Study Habits in Academic Performance on Enhlish

Chapter 1
Problem and It’s Background
Nowadays, many school learners fail to cope with the daily demands of school. Different distractions are interfering the child’s ability and inclination to focus on his assignments, lessons and activities in school. As a result, his academic achievement is not done at very best effort.
During the pre-school age, a self-study habit must be ...view middle of the document...

As the child reflects he also engages in creative and critical thinking as well as metacognition which are needed in the development of higher Order thinking Skills (HOTS)
All subjects in the present curriculum must be understand fully by the learners and apply these on real life situations. However, some subjects require more efforts from the student. The nature of the subject is sometimes difficult in the learner’s view that adds to the difficulties in the learner’s part causing him to give more time to study it. The interest of the learner on the subject can also be considered.
English is a subject that serves as the foundation in developing the communication skills of the learners – listening, reading, writing and speaking. It is a subject tool use in everyday communication. It contains grammar, literature, vocabulary, pronunciation and many more. Many students like this subject for different reasons. Some love to know the meanings of words or reading stories of literature. Unfortunately .more students don’t like this subject. It can be said that some of the subject features in not their interest. Thus, this result to the inability of conducting communicative efficiency.
As English is obviously not well performed by many learners, developing love in this subject through self-study habits will be of great help. It will lead to the possibility of having interest towards this subject which will lead to a higher achievement and performance.
Background of the Study
Thousand of elementary schools can be found in the different parts of our country. Preferably, the town of Atimonan is composed of 27 elementary schools including the Balubad Elementary School which is located nearly at the boundary of Balubad and Kilait. It has hundred of students which encounter different learning experiences everyday. Likewise the community which these learners reside has different distractions which can be a hindrance for them to have self studying. This situation can add to the possibility that the developments of these self study habits are not well developed and practice by the pupils. Fortunately these routines are one of the best ways of achieving satisfying academic performance. On the other hand, English subject like all learning areas requires more effort and attention to be fully understood and to develop the skills intended to gain through the subject.
These circumstances set the mind and motivated the researcher to study this situation in the particular school which is little near to her residence. Being an alumna of the school, she wants to help and share this study for the more improvement of the academic achievement of the pupils. It is also an opportunity to more prove the significance of developing these habits amidst different situations which can cause to the different distractions to learning process. This study expects that the upcoming results will be applicable and supportive. Likewise the researcher expects not only the pupils and...

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