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External Influences On A Business Essay

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External Influences Paper

C. Rutherford

University of Phoenix

Management 417 Business Continuity Planning and Management

June 1, 2009

External Influences Paper

Knowing how to successfully build a business from the ground up is a challenging task. Performance of the business can affect a number of issues, there may be some issues that are controllable like cost being too high or trying to reduce certain costs by finding new and creative ways for employees to work or having to lay off employees and so on. The main problems a business can suffer are the problems in which they cannot control. Businesses have to consider many external influences, how they may affect the company ...view middle of the document...

International Red Cross (2003) Red Cross and Crescent. Red Cross incorporated the International Committee along with 186 other countries that are there to help the most venerable people regain hope and dignity back in their lives. When speaking of disaster relief, the American Red Cross has five areas in which they offer compassion those areas are community service programs that help people in need, military members and their family’s for comfort and support, the shipping and distribution of blood and its products, international development and reliefs programs along with educational health programs for safety.
The Red Cross is an organization where neighbors are mobilized to help one another regardless if they are across the street or in another country during times of emergencies. Every year through out each community there are over 70,000 victims of disasters turn who turn to neighbors, familiar and more than half a million volunteers and 35,000 employees of the Red Cross. (2009) The American Red Cross.Within 700 local chapters, over 15 million people build the skills needed to respond to disasters and or emergencies in the neighborhoods and local communities. Today over four point five million people that give blood yearly to Red Cross in the U.S and the Cross helps tens of thousands of members who are in the services that have been displaced from their families due to the military and helps to rebuild hope to vulnerable individuals throughout the world. On average the Red Cross spends 91 cents out of every dollar invested to put towards programs and humanitarian

External Influences Paper

services. The Red Cross need not be mistaken for a government agency; they solely rely on donations of time, blood work and money from surrounding neighbors.
Continuity planning has a major impact on the Red Cross because they provide assistance to surrounding individuals needing help in the event of a disaster or crisis and normally this type of assistance should be planned out and ready to be put into action at the time of an unlikely event. Being able to receive help in the time of a disaster truly depends on the type of disaster it is as well as location. If the damage is widespread for example, like a flood not only will state, federal and governmental resources be provided the American Red Cross will too be accounted for. Usually emergency officials advise businesses and families to prepare to help...

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