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Expository Characteristics Essay

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Checkpoint: Expository Characteristics

COM/150 Effective Essay Writing

14 August 2011

What characteristics make these essays expository?
Art of Cookery
This is definitely an expository essay because it is actually listing steps to successful restaurant. The thesis at the beginning of the essay states the reasoning behind why the following steps are needed to create an attractive dining experience. The steps are mostly relating to how the dining area is set up.
How to Filet a Fish
This expository essay was an informative piece that detailed the parts of fish and how to filet it for food. The essay tells how different fish are cut and prepared. The best part about this essay was that it gives details on whether it is appropriate to filet or steak or cook the ...view middle of the document...

The “How to Filet a Fish” essay is most definitely an Informative essay. The essay tells exactly “how to” decide what cut is appropriate for what type and size. The essay meets all of the criteria to be informative. Any instruction guide should be considered an informative essay.
Why do you think each author chose that type of organization for his or her essay? In what ways does this organizational choice make the essay effective? What effect might the author have achieved with another type of organization or another type of expository essay?
For the “Art of Cookery” essay I believe that the author chose the best possible organization. The layout for the topic essay makes the type of information flow very easy. The information given in this essay needed to be presented in a way that a reader using it as a checklist could refer back quickly to a certain part but it did not necessarily need to be in chronological order. If the steps needed to be in order than Informational process would have been a better choice to write in.
The “How to Filet a Fish” essay is in a perfect format for what the writer was trying to create. This is definitely a how to essay so choosing the Information process was appropriate. If the author chose any other type of essay organization I think it would lose context. The essay was written to inform its audience on how to decide which cut you should make on different fish and how to prepare them once you make your choice. No other organization provides a good format to display these types of directions.
In what ways are these expository essays alike? In what ways are they different?
Both of these essays tell the reader what needs to be done and why. Even though they are presented slightly different they portray similar types of data. They differ in that one works as a list of things that need to be done where the other is a “how to” guide .

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