Export Documentation Essay

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Export Documentation

1. When you are ready to ship, secure from the Authorized Agent Bank (AAB) an Export Declaration (ED) form with Foreign Exchange Proceeds form which you will accomplish and file at the same bank.

2. After processing the ED, the AAB releases to the exporter the original and, other copies of ED, except ED3.
3. Secure an export commodity clearance/export permit from the proper government commodity office, if your product is included in the list of regulated products for exportation or if the buyer requires.

4. With the required supporting documents, submit the accomplished ED form to the BOC Processing Unit for the approval of the Authority to Load (AL).
Sending Sample Shipments
Secure and accomplish an Export Declaration (ED) without Foreign Exchange Proceeds from the AAB.
Follow steps 1, 2, and 3 of Export Documentation.
Loading in Manila

Cargos to be transported by air are inspected by the Bureau of Customs (BoC) at the Ninoy Aquino ...view middle of the document...

5. After loading, the BoC issues the following documents upon request:
* Certificate of Origin, Form A for export products covered by the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP)
* General Certificate of Origin for export products not availing of preferences under GSP
* Certificate of Origin, Form D for export products covered by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Common Effective Preferential Tariff Scheme
* Certificate of Shipment
6. Within seven(7) days from loading, submit the following to the AAB for negotiations for payment:
* Letter of Credit
* Bill of Lading or Air Waybill
* Commercial Invoice
* Certificate of Shipment
* Other required supplementary documents

For prepaid shipments, send the original commercial and shipping documents to the buyer

One- Stop Export Documentation Center

The One- Stop Export Documentation Center (OSEDC) was established in November 1985. It is one of the Inter- Agency Exports System Improvement Projects of the Commission on Export Procedures (CEP) which was created by virtue of Executive Order of No. 843.
OSEDC was established with the aim of eliminating the causes of delay, red taped and cumbersome export procedures to accelerate export growth. As an “one-stop shop”, it brings under one of the Bureau Of Customs and other government agencies to facilitate the application, processing, and approval of export documents.
The Center welcomes exporters and/or their duly authorized representatives who require its services especially those who would like to facilitate the processing and approval of their SERVICE FEE.
* OSEDC services are free of charge
1. Instruct your bank to deliver your export declaration to the nearest OSEDC, Bureau Of Customs (BoC)
2. Go to the OSEDC where you have instructed your bank to deliver your export declaration any time after each delivery hour and proceed to BOC counter to check and process the delivered documents by your agent.
3. For export products requiring clearances, proceed to the receiving counter of the issuing government commodity agency where you need to transact your business.

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