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Explorers Essay

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Men and women have explored all ends of the earth and made profound discoveries. Without these discoveries the way we view our world might be different. Ponce De Leon was one of these explorers that help change the way we view earth.
Who exactly was Ponce de Leon? What did he do in his life, and what was his discovery that deemed him one of history’s notable explorers? I will discuss Ponce de Leon’s background, his journeys and his discoveries.
Juan Ponce de Leon was born during the Age of Exploration. Documentation places his birth around 1460 in Santervas De Campos, Spain, but later documentation places it more at 1474. No one is absolutely sure of the exact date of his ...view middle of the document...

4 years later he went over and conquered Boriquien. He conquered the Indians with a famous greyhound named Bercerillo. It was said Indians they were more afraid of ten Spaniards with Bercerillo then 100 without him. Ponce was anointed governor by King Ferdinand. While governed by Ponce de Leon, the island became popular with other settlers because it was well run, had a large number of slaves, and many natural resources. Ponce de Leon was also recognized for nonviolent treatment of the Indians, which was rare at this time (Enchanted Learning, n.d.).
In 1512 Ponce de Leon was stripped of his governor title because of a political conflict, some say he was because he was actually extremely violet with the Indians. King Ferdinand did grant permission for Ponce de Leon to discover and settle the island of Bimini. He was interested in discovering the body of water that was believe to restore youth called the Fountain of Youth. The “fountain of youth’ was located in the Garden of Eden somewhere in Asia. At this time the Spaniards believed America to be Asia. Ponce de Leon did not document this exploration, it is speculation he searched for the fountain of youth to restore him to his youth. At this time Ponce de Leon was 54 years old. It is documented that Ponce de Leon never found the fountain of youth (Enchanted Learning, n.d.).
He traveled to the Island of Bimini with three ships; the Santa Maria, the Santiago, and the Cristobal along with about 200 men. Failing to find Bimini, they settled the east coast of St. Augustine, Florida in April 1513. Ponce de Leon named the land “Pascua de Florida” (feast of flowers) because he spotted it on April 2nd, 1513 on Palm Sunday. The land was claimed the land, thinking it was an island, for Spain. While traveling southward he encountered a strong current known as the Gulf Stream, from this he discovered the Bahama Channel. The Bahama Channel later became the...

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