Explored Differences Of Adn Prepared Nurses Vs. Bsn

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Explored Differences of ADN Prepared Nurses vs. BSN Prepared Nurses
Michelle Jester
Grand Canyon University
Professional Dynamics
Nursing 430V
Sylvia Robertson
April 26, 2012

Explored Differences of ADN Prepared Nurses vs. BSN Prepared Nurses
In this paper I would like to explore the differences between Associate Degree Prepared nurses and Baccalaureate prepared nurses. I will discuss the education and training of both types of nurses. I will also discuss how they function in different practice settings, envisioned and actual current functioning. The educational preparation of both types of nurses will be ...view middle of the document...

They are able to enter programs in Nurse Midwifery, Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist and many more.(Cherry & Jacob, 2011)
The ADN programs are found in community and junior colleges. They include in their education programs some limited general education classes to prepare for the program. The nursing classes also consist of learning the basic principles of nursing in adult health, maternal/newborn and pediatrics. Most but not all of the programs include psychiatric, community health and gerontology classes. There is very limited introduction to any nursing theory. They are prepared to practice at “the bedside” in direct patient care positions. With the ADN degree they are at a level the can enter in to a BSN or BSN completion program.
When Mildred Montag created her dissertation she proposed that nurses could be educated to practice in a two year ADN program at a different level than BSN programs. She thought this would be at a technical level where BSN prepared nurses were at a professional level. The functions of the nurse technician would be under the supervision of higher educated nurses to provide direct patient care. ADN’s would assist with planning care for patients, deliver care and assist with supervising and evaluating unlicensed caregivers.(Grand Canyon University, 2009-2011)
Today, again because of our societal needs for more trained Registered Nurses ADN prepared nurses are functioning in roles that were not initially thought of as how these nurses would practice. There are ADN prepared nurses functioning in the leadership roles like charge nurses and nurse managers/unit directors in hospitals They serve as case managers for coordinating care for patients in hospitals, home health and public health. They act as educators in colleges for clinical skills labs, in hospitals as area specific educators and patient educators in outpatient clinical settings.
Because of advances in healthcare the patients and patient populations all nurses care for has become very complex. It requires that all nurses become better educated.(Creating a More Highly qualified Nursing Workforce, 2012) ADN’s are at a disadvantage because their nursing education program does not incorporate many of the theories, research and leadership skills required to manage patient care. I found in my research that providing good patient care requires some degree of risk taking. I had never thought of that concept before. Nurses are required to make decisions for patients based on critical thinking skills and then take a risk deciding a course of action.(Masters & Masters, 1989) Nurses use the tools they have that are learned in their...

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