Explore The View That Texting And/Or Web Bases Interactions Can Be Very Creative Forms Of Language Use

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Explore the view that texting and/or web-based interactions can be very creative forms of language use

As time goes on, everything that we do in life modernises alongside us. Many people hold the opinion that ‘old fashioned’ methods of language use were more caring and creative, and that modern technology allows us to simply be ‘lazy’. However by looking at examples of texting, and/or web-based interaction, I will be able to show that modern language use can too be very creative.

My conversation with Sophie starts with a text from myself saying ‘OMG YOULL NEVER GUESS WHAT I JUST HEARD!!!!! Xx’. A key factor of the creativity in this text conversation is the capitalisation. ...view middle of the document...

The ‘xx’ at the end finishes off my text, which exploits the limited space available and also reflects on the paralinguistic features. Essentially, what ‘xx’ conveys to the recipient, is that they have strong feelings towards the person and would be presenting these through actions, such as smiles throughout spoken English. By using two letters to show all of these thoughts and feelings both time and space are saved.

Sophie’s response to my text is ‘wut?!?! Xx’. This again features the use of space and a quicker response than the full world. With using a quicker response, it is a clear indication that Sophie is eager to fine out the news I am about to tell her and therefore proves I must be a good friend with Sophie as she is interested in what I have to tell her. If Sophie had just used the word ‘wut’ on its own, it might have came across that she was being irritating and the ‘t’ on the end of ‘wut’ sounds quite harsh. Therefore, to show her interest in the conversation she added two question marks and two exclamation marks, to show that she is excited and also curious. These were probably more than needed, but they have been used to ensure that she is interested in the conversation. She then ends this text with two kisses, to make sure that she returning her affection and that she is not simply asking a blunt question.

I then respond to Sophie message by saying ‘I overheard her telling charlotte!! Xx’. This text message clearly reflects the relationship between myself and Sophie as I refer to the girl I am talking about by using the term ‘her’, which shows that that I am certain Sophie knows who I am talking about without explaining it any further. It shows that just from using the word ‘her’, it suggests that we must have had a recent conversation, and again shows that we must be close friends.

Sophie responds to the text by saying ‘I...

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