Explore The Representation Of Adolescence In 'stand By Me' With Reference To The Key Concepts. Whilst Exploring The Film As A Whole Do Refer To Specific Scenes

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The main theme within 'Stand by Me' is the closeness of pre-teen boys, 'hanging around' in gangs and generally trying to grow up too fast. It is in the 'coming of age' movie genre. The opening sequence reflects the close bond still shared by the two main characters (Gordie and Chris); as we see from the headline that Chris has been shot dead. The young boys wanting and trying to grow up quickly is shown in the tree house; they have decided upon a secret knock to gain entry to the tree house, as if they are part of a very important secret gang. The whole film watches the boys go on a journey, not just physically but mentally as well; the journey to adulthood.The non-diagetic narration helps ...view middle of the document...

Gordie is ignored by his parents, and we find out via flashbacks and through the narration that his father sees him as inferior to his elder brother who has recently been killed in a car crash. Gordie feels he belongs when he spends time with his friends. see how the boys aspire to be older by the constant swearing that is not normally seen from young boys, especially in the fifties when the film was set. The whole film shows the four boys on a journey, which is what will happen when they grow up as they are leaving childhood and going in to adulthood.Vern is portrayed as the most immature of the gang, as he protests when it is suggested that they trick their parents and find the dead body of the child in the papers. He also has an obsession with finding the pennies he buried months before - as he lost the map he drew to find them again. Vern drawing a map has connotations with young children wanting to be pirates and find a buried treasure. When Vern finds a penny in the road at the end of the film when the boys part ways it shows us as the audience that Vern has stayed immature, and has probably pushed the whole horrible experience to the back of his head and will forget about it. Vern is portrayed as the 'goof'; he is always asking about food and is slightly chubbier than the rest. He seems to be younger than the rest, and as a result the others pick on him constantly. Vern's immaturity compared to the other gang members is shown when he starts a discussion about which superhero would win a fight; we are told by the narrator that this is typical of pre-teen boys. They haven't found girls yet.Teddy is the rudest member of the gang as his younger childhood has been rough. He lives in the shame...

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