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Exploratory Paper

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Dustin McClung
Professor Lakenhia Gould
English 112
Exploratory Paper
October 1, 2012
Consider this question: What is democracy? It seems like it would be a simple question. However, in reality, there are so many different forms of it that nowadays many individuals have misconceptions of what democracy truly is. To start off, the word itself comes from two Greek words. “Demos,” meaning “the people” and “kratein,” which means “to rule.” “Compared to dictatorships, oligarchies, monarchies and aristocracies, in which the people have little or no say in who is elected and how the government is run, a democracy is often said to be the most challenging form of government, as ...view middle of the document...

This is the type of Democracy that the United States uses. It is characterized by the fact that people as a whole do not have to directly participate in government issues such as lawmaking. Representative Democracy is mainly used in places with very large populations because it is less complicated for one person to hear the people out and make a decision based off of their opinions. It is also believed, though, that some individuals only seek to be that representative so that they can corrupt the system as a whole in attempt to get themselves and/or friends by in life. This is put in check by the fact that the leader only stays in the seat of power for a set amount of time.
Another popular form of democracy is Parliamentary Democracy. This is the system that the British use for government. The political party or group of parties with the largest amount of members makes the leader of that party the leader of the country. That leader is called the “Prime Minister” or “Chancellor.” The party then is allowed to draft laws and debate them for passing or rejection. The party in minority, while less powerful, can regularly challenge the decisions made by the leading party. The main disadvantage of this form of government is that the power can shift from one party to the next in no time at all. As soon as the minority party has one member more than the majority party, all of a sudden there is a new prime minister and the power shifts to that side. The fact that...

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