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Exploratory Essay

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Alesia Hairston
MGT 419

Exploratory Essay

I found this essay interesting from the beginning because it gave me a lot of insight on how the whole Nike incident began and how it ended. It made me feel sorry for the Nike Corporation at first but when all the details unfolded I started to look at the situation in a totally different light.
Jonah Paretti started off the case by trying to order a pair of customized Nikes that he wanted to order from Nike id. What he wanted on the shoe is the word "sweatshop." Nike ultimately denied his request because it represented inappropriate slang. He replied to the Nike ...view middle of the document...

Nike soon faced more controversy when Knight was interviewed and was asked about the ages of the workers stating that it didn’t matter to him that the minimum age of the factory works was twelve.
It seems to me that some type of corruption was going on in the early years of the Nike Corporation but the corporation did not know just how bad the treatment of these workers really was. Rumors were also going around about how some workers were punished by running around the shop when the conditions of the shop were very hot.
Because of the Globalization that we have in the world today it will also be necessary to outsource to other countries. The reasons being are those corporations can get employees to work for their company at extreme low wages whereas in the U.S it would cost the company a lot of more money. Most companies do not believe this is ethically right but they feel it is the only way to compete in today’s society.
It does not bother me that people in other countries are making our products but it does bother me that these kids are working so hard and getting so much less money. I never heard of sweatshops in the U.S. but I’m sure their standards are not this bad. We are more morally conscience about the consequences of ethical standards in companies these days. So many Companies have demolished because they were only worried about their revenue and about the well-being of themselves. As long as the owners are rich, t managers can reap the benefits of Productive and successful of the Nike brand. It wasn’t until recent years that CEO’s are becoming scrutinized for the unethical issues and conflicts that they areinvolved in.
Nike even tried to regain their reputation by hiring Maria Eitel to fill the newly created position...

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