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Exploration of a Journal Article
Margaret Schreiber
Professor Randi Fass
Sociology 100

Homeschooling is an Art, not a Science: The Impact of Homeschooling on Choice of College Major written by Lynn Phillips and published in Sociological Viewpoints is the article that I selected from the Strayer University database. The research and the article were written to support a hypothesis on homeschoolers and college choices more specifically how high school aged children that are home schooled are less likely to major in the natural sciences then children taught in traditional school settings. The article includes a table reporting the results of Ms. Phillips research and ...view middle of the document...

The article discusses homeschooling and college choices which are both agents of socialization and fall into Chapter 5 but there is a considerable amount of discussion on how Ms. Phillips conducted the research which would be Chapter 2 Sociological Investigation. As an agent of socialization homeschoolers are taught in their home by their parents this is a different environment than traditional schooling because it does not allow the students to interact with many different types of people from all backgrounds. The typical school setting would have provided the students with an environment that may have improved their general feeling about the science classes, the paper gives many reasons for the feeling that many students felt they were not prepared or motivated to take more advanced science classes in college was “most homeschool parents are not professional science teachers” (Phillips, 2010) this deficiency made the students feel as if they did not fully understand the principals of science.
The article is different than a magazine article...

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