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Explaining The Two Different Liberal Views On The Events Followed The Recent Publication Of Cartoons Of The Prophet Mohamed In A Danish Newspaper

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Definition of liberalismBy definition, Maurice Cranston rightly pointed out, 'a liberal is a man who believes in liberty'. (Roy Bentley, Alan Dobson, Maggie Grant, David Roberts, "British Politics in focus" 2000). In two different ways, liberals accord liberty primacy as a political value. First, liberals have typically maintained that humans are naturally in 'a State of perfect Freedom to order their Actions as they think fit without asking leave, or depending on the will of any other Man'.( Mill argued that "The burden of proof is supposed to ith those who are against liberty; who contend for any restriction or prohibition.... The a priori ...view middle of the document...

2005. Danish Muslim organizations staged protests in response. As the controversy has grown, some or all of the cartoons have been reprinted in newspapers in more than fifty other countries, leading to violent protests, particularly in the Islamic world.Critics claim that the cartoons are culturally insulting, Islam phobic, blasphemous, and intended to humiliate a marginalized Danish minority. Supporters of the cartoons claim they illustrate an important issue and their publication exercises the right of free speech. They also claim that there are similar cartoons about other religions, arguing that Islam and its followers have not been targeted in a discriminatory way.As it is looked at liberalism, first group of liberals (freedom speech) would think about this event that:a) Liberal's freedom view on the event:Freedom of speech is often regarded as an integral concept in modern liberal democracies, where it is understood to outlaw censorship. The right to freedom of speech is guaranteed under international law through numerous human rights instruments.According to the freedom view of liberalism publishing or speaking about anything is so normal and usual because it has a place in liberal democracies and it is usually protected by constitution. As most of the democratic countries, Denmark has got liberal democracy. So freedom of speech is protected by the Denmark constitution since 1849. The Danish freedom of expression is quite far-reaching, even for Western standards. The organization Reporters without Borders ranks Denmark on the top of the list of freedom of speech.Danish newspapers are privately owned and independent from the government as it is usually been in liberal democracies. There are no restrictions on the political viewpoints that may be published. Therefore according to freedom in liberalism they have a right to publish everything. But because of Islamic tradition, which bans depictions of the Prophet or Allah those cartoons leaded many protest and very strong reactions in different part of the Islam world. However Mill's work could be considered a reaction to this social problem by the majority and his avocations of individual decision-making over the self. The famous 'Harm Principle' is also articulated in this work: people can do anything they like as long as it does not harm others. All branches of liberalism - as well as other political ideologies - consider this to be one of their core principles. However, they often disagree on what exactly constitutes harm.1. The freedom to think as one wishes, and to feel as one does. This includes the freedom to opinion, and includes the freedom to publish opinions known as the freedom of speech,2. The freedom to pursue tastes and pursuits, even if they are deemed "immoral," as long as they do not cause harm,3. The "freedom to unite" or meet with others, often known as the freedom of assembly.4. Without all of these freedoms, in Mill's view, one cannot be considered to be truly...

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