Explain Why Effective Communication Is Important In Developing Positive Relationships With Children, Young People And Adults

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Communicating effectively with each of these groups- colleagues/ head teachers/ children and parents will help me build positive relationship with them all. To do this I will need to think about being courteous and respectful, and listen to their points of views. Knowing and understanding that people have different cultures and belief/ values from you, doing this can help build a positive relationship with them. Acknowledging and respecting the views of the others at all times will be very effective to yourself and others. This will help to create a calm and happy environment for all. Also remembering English might be a second language for some people so knowing when a translator might be ...view middle of the document...

remembering the non- spoken form of communication can be an issue if they are misread by others. Therefore using different communication methods might be needed, meeting them or talking to them over the telephone, has well has writing/ emailing them.
Children receive better care when practitioners can cooperate and work together well. Children learn to communicate through the response of others, they are less likely to initiate communication themselves if they feel their contribution is not valued. Make sure pupils are given sufficient opportunities to talk/ communicate. Remembering some children might lack confidence and need to be given a chance to warm up first so that they feel able to do so. Giving eye contact when someone is speaking shows them that you are listening and interested in the conservation and your attention is on them. Also body language and facial expressions show them you are interested too. For example with a young children getting down to their level to speak is very important, it makes them feel comfortable and not intimidated. Smiling, nodding your head or even a sound shows them that you are listening. Even repeating back parts of the conservations helps, when talking to children maybe correcting their...

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