Explain Why Chevron Was So Successful In Implementing These Self Managed Work Teams

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Employee participation is a highly motivating factor for employees to complete their jobs successfully. However, when it comes to the reality of implementing employee participation, employers sometimes look over the concerns of their employees. Presently, companies are touting the benefits of various forms of employee participation in management decisions. In the article titled "Succeeding with self-managed work teams" there were several points and examples on how self-managed work teams are formed and operate. The principle behind this article spanned several questions about the operation and success of the idea of self-managed teams. This example from Chevron's Kern River project ...view middle of the document...

" According to the article, at the level where there are several smaller teams within Chevron's structure the teams operated at the micro level that introduced the concept of lost or wasted resources. Without seeing the big picture at the macro level the teams were operating at different levels of their own goals. This was unproductive because they did not understand that if this process were streamlined into a larger global self-managed team the end result would have been fulfilled. Chevron finally recognized that the synergy of the individuals composing the group would be more beneficial, which it has become.When the team as a whole realized that the big picture or work process was the goal, operating costs plummeted and productivity rose. After the process was understood the team continued to define the responsibilities of the team members clearly, with well defined boundaries. Chevron took the initiative to demonstrate the benefits of compiling the perfect mix of technical ability and social leadership and communications in their self-managed work teams formed by each member.These teams were the nucleus of the process, with a perfect blend of technical and social abilities. These groups were the center of the organizational structure that had started to see the end result, which would later lead to their continued success. To...

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