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Explain Why, By 1929, Trotsky's Personality Had Undermined His Position In The Soviet Leadership

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Trotsky was an incredibly proficient Man who, after the death of Lenin, became a clear contender to rule. He was noticeably a profound speechmaker with formidable leadership skills and remained a loyal man to Lenin throughout the civil war and revolutionary years. However there were several aspects of his personality that undermined his position within the soviet leadership of which can be categorized into; Political, Ideological, Economical and personal.
Politically Trotsky was weak and unable to see theoretically beyond how communism worked. Unlike his contenders he failed to construct up any means of support within the party which left him defenceless in party congresses that consisted ...view middle of the document...

Trotsky also believed that as a Jew there would be prejudice against him being a leader due to anti Semitic traditions in Russia, therefore, he did not force himself forward; regardless of the fact mutual contenders Kamenev and Zinoviev were also Jewish.
Trotsky’s personality was perhaps the most significant contributor to the fact he was undermined within the soviet. He was habitually unpredictable, at times indecisive and lacked confidence within the political fight for Leadership. His lack of Political confidence has often been interpreted by historians as a reason for Stalin`s coming to power and the policies he imposed. For instance, the historian D.Volkogonov said ‘It was Trotsky`s own doing that allowed Stalin to surround himself with a circle of schismatics, heretics and other internal emies’ which suggests to me that Trotsky had little influence within congress and the party.
Trotsky as a character was commonly seen as arrogant and disdain for those less intelligent than him self. Most significantly he underestimated Stalin, whom he regarded as inferior, which gained him little respect within the Bolshevik society that was mostly influenced by Stalin and his Political manoeuvring. He became unpopular for this reason. For example Trotsky was...

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