Explain Why Attitudes Tend To Remain Stable Despite Efforts To Change Them. Discuss The Factors That May Contribute To Persuasion And The Measures You Can Take To Reduce Resistance To Persuasion In Communities

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Explain why attitudes tend to remain stable despite efforts to change them. Discuss the factors that may contribute to persuasion and the measures you can take to reduce resistance to persuasion in communities
A lot of People might have certain beliefs, feeling about other people, things, situations or events. Attitudes can influence our reaction towards other people, the products we buy at a given time, the political party we choose to join and preferences we make over certain products. Hence attitudes can either be positive or negative. Further we shall consider issues regarding attitude formation, relationship between attitude and behaviour and attitude change.
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Personal attitudes can be differentiated towards issues while social attitudes can be differentiated towards ethnic groups and it has been seen that social attitudes remains stable (Minaret 1977).
However, it is not easy to change an attitude if it has a strong emotional component, especially if they have an important function in the personality for instance authoritarian personality which is influenced by negative attitudes towards minority group and towards unconventional behaviour (Fernald 2007).
It has been observed that social attitudes may change due to certain specific procedures. For example an attitude towards, people and products have been influenced by their association with pleasant or unpleasant sounds, photographs, shock and so on. There are three major components of an attitude which are behavioural, cognitive and affective. Behavioural noticeable in a person’s actions regarding the object or ideas.
Cognitive is referred to a person’s information and knowledge about the ideas or objects. Affective is known as a feeling and emotions towards objects or ideas. Any of the components can be changed without having an impact on the other. For instance a consumer may have knowledge about a brand without changing what their affective or behaviour about what they think about the brand. consumer attitude has a great influence on the success or failure of the firm marketing strategies. (Forgas, J. 2008).
Attitude plays an important role on determining the behaviour of a consumer and be able to measure their attitude on prices, brand name, packaging, location of the store, sales people feature of the existing product. (Pride W.M and Ferrell O. C 2000).
Persuasion is a direct attempt to influence attitudes, in which behaviour is changed at a time or another everyone is engaged in persuasion. In other words persuasion is said to be social influence that persuades people to their behaviours attitude (kasschau 1995).
Persuasion referred to as an effort to change other people’s attitude through the use of various types of messages by employing appeals to both feelings and intellect. Persuasion is an important process such that we affect others and they affect him as well. Change may be either an inner metal system or through external behaviour. The inner metal system includes belief, goals, attitude, values and change may create something new or modify something that already exists. The following are the elements of persuasion intent, coercion, Context, plurality, media.
Intent this is where every interpersonal interaction causes a change to both parties and usually is intentionally persuasion but one can accidentally persuade.
Coercion is influence that leaves the listener with no desire but to adopt change or compliance, where behaviour is changed and there is no internal change or the inner metal system.
Context is where a changed behaviour constrained in limited context.
Plurality it is where one or more people can...

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