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Explain The Significance Of Cleopatra’s Relationship With Julius Caesar

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Explain the significance of Cleopatra’s relationship with Julius Caesar?
Although hardly any record remains on Cleopatra’s role throughout the Alexandrian War (48-47BC) until the end of the war, the significance of Cleopatra’s relationship with Julius Caesar was highly beneficial on her behalf, as confirmed by ancient historian Cassius Dio, because Caesar bestowed the kingdom upon Cleopatra alone, since he had waged the war for her sake.
The Alexandrian War worked in Cleopatra’s favour as once again, she re-established and secured her rule on the throne beside her brother Ptolemy (XIV). Moreover, under the authority and command of Julius Caesar, the removal of her rebellious sister ...view middle of the document...

Coinage and wall decorations in the Temple of Hathor at Dendera where both Cleopatra and Caesarion dressed in complete pharaoh-nic attire broadcasts to her subjects that her son as well as herself were the divine rulers of Egypt.

According to both Suetonius and Appian, Cleopatra had treated Caesar into a famous journey along the Nile to Thebes and back to Alexandria. Through hindsight, this can be argued as ancient propaganda that was aimed to flaunt her important connections and power as well as the power of Rome and Caesar’s troops beside him. Moreover, the lavish display of unity, love and Eastern extravagance was intentional in Cleopatra’s will to present the prosperity of Egypt to Caesar. This highlights a strong political alliance between Cleopatra and Caesar’s relationship and the power they exuberated among their people.
After Caesar’s success in defeating the Pharnaces, he returned to Rome and celebrated four triumphs, one of which honoured his Egyptian victory in the Alexandrian War. Although Cleopatra is not named in the context of the various triumphal processions, sources claimed, according to Appian who states it stood there in his own day, Caesar built a temple dedicated to Venus and placed a beautiful statue of Cleopatra next to the goddess, which therefore demonstrates Cleopatra’s influential impact on Caesar in their relationship. Consequently, Romans were scandalised by his extra-marital affair and the insult it was to Calpurnia, his wife.

As Cleopatra continued Ptolemy Auletes XII’s policy of establishing a strong link with Rome, her relationship with Julius Caesar enormously affected her career as he helped solidify her image and ties with Rome, however, Caesar’s affiliation with the foreign queen aroused plenty of resentment and dispute amongst the Romans. Although Caesar,...

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