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Explain The Different Methods Of Giving Feedback And Demonstrate Good Practice In Giving Good Feedback To Your Peers

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Explain the different methods of giving feedback and demonstrate good practice in giving good feedback to your peers

Giving effective feedback is a vital part of education and training, which if carried out well helps motivate and develop learner’s knowledge, skills and behaviours. It helps learners to maximize their potential and professional development at different stages of training, raise their awareness of strengths and areas for improvement, and identify actions to be taken to improve performance. (Faculty London deanery)
There are many ways of giving feedback; it can be formal or informal, verbal or written but in every case it should guide and motivate the learner. Feedback is ...view middle of the document...

Negative Feedback
Negative feedback can also be used by teachers who are teaching new skills or new information. It is useful in trying to change moods or behaviour. The result of negative feedback is extinction, that is the teacher uses negative feedback until the bad behaviour or habits disappear, or becomes extinct. When teachers are trying to change behaviours or bad habits, they should apply both positive and negative feedback. If you do give negative feedback do not do it forcefully, it could ruin any confidence the student has. Give them a different or better way of attempting the task and encourage them to try again. Always give feedback positive or negative as soon after the event as possible. If it is left too late the student might not remember the incident and the feedback will be less effective.
Feedback should be part of the teaching / learning process to ensure correct behaviour. Teachers need to use it on a frequent and regular basis early in the process to help the student retain what they have learned. Then they should use further...

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