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Explain The Case For Open Heart Surgery At Cabarrus Memorial Hospital.Order Now

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Question two; Part A.
Internal communication refers to all communications that take place between members of an organization and which occurs at all levels as well as all organizational units of the organization. Internal communication has a keen focus on the announcement of the management conclusions and packaging of all management thinking into messages for distribution on a wider scale to the “troops”, Quirke (2008). Internal communication can as well be simply defined as the sharing or exchange of information within an organization to enhance the success of the business and effective communications among all ...view middle of the document...

This types of internal communication may take either formal or in formal channels of communications. Downward communication entails the flow of information from the top management of the Company to the lower levels; employee. It takes cognizance of the Company’s hierarchical structures. This information flow mainly occurs in the company by via electronic mails, memos, departmental and individual employee portals. This communication mainly occur inform of announcements, notices, official or semi-official letters, reports, advertisements, etc. It involves communication on such issues as the Company goals, objectives and expectations as well as only general rules of the Company. Upward communication entails employees communicating their suggestions, opinions, complaints and grievances to those in higher ranks and involves such issues as remuneration, feedback etc .Lateral communication occurs mainly at departmental levels. For instance the Sales department, the Production department, among other departments constantly interacts in bid to enhance effective coordination of their activities. Multidirectional communication involves a combination of upward, downward and horizontal communication.
Grapevine communication is also evident among employees. Despite Grapevine communication being unofficial and potentially harmful to the Company, the management relies on this communication to effect significant chances that have a major impact on the success of the Company.
Effective internal communication within an organization or Company has immense contribution to the general success of that organization.(Gay, Mahoney & Graves, 2005, p. 11). Boyett & Boyett, (1998), observes that” effective internal communication within an organization leads to an increased organizational productivity”. This can be attributed to an increment in employee motivation levels that comes with effective internal communication. Other benefits of the later include: higher chances of meeting organizational goals, improved ability to mitigate situations, problems or even crises proactively, a highly effective and responsive customer service, highly empowered employees, better understanding of values and purpose of organization among employees, faster and effective decision-making at all levels, reduction in need for micro-managing, less day-to-day conflicts among employees, and a improved employee retention rates. The retention rate can be attributed to a feeling of job satisfaction among employees (Gray & Laidlaw, 2004).
On the contrary poor internal communication may course immense negative effects to the general stability of an organization. Poor internal communication results to demotivation of staff and loss in productivity; If employees feel that they are not informed on happening and their opinions and ideas are not considered, they lose interest and passion in what they do hence becoming this will less productive. Other effects may include; poor working...

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