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Explain How You Could Promote Inclusion, Equality And Diversity With Your Current/Future Learners. Identify Othr Points Of Referral Available To Meet The Potential Needs Of Learners

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Explain how you could promote inclusion, equality and diversity with your current/future learners. Identify other points of referral available to meet the potential needs of learners.

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This essay will explore how I would promote inclusion, equality and diversity with my future adults mild learning and physical disabilities learners within the main stream college in a class undertaking level 2 course in health and social care . It will also identify other points of referral available to ...view middle of the document...

As a teacher, In order to promote the given concepts amongst the learners , and in complying with the disability legislation with my physical and learning disability learners I would ensure that the physical learning environment is conducive to my learners’ need by ensuring that the physical layout of the class room arrangement enables the wheel chair bound learner to attend and participate in teaching and learning activities with the rest of the learners. For example, by ensuring that from the point of entering the college that there is a ramp /wheel chair accessible device such as lift to promote accessibility to the classroom. Within the classroom, appropriate room lay out such as, desk in group or semi circle room style arrangement would be implemented to promote inclusion, equality and diversity to enable the learner to participate. Being a restricted mobile learner, health and safety, regarding sitting location would be paramount, from the commencement of the course; I would ensure that learners are made aware of the health and safety regulations of the college-such as, fire regulation. Regarding the actual teaching/ learning, to promote inclusion, diversity and equality, I would ensure that my facilitation of the teaching session is based on the teaching and learning cycle. For example, having identified the learning disabilities needs from initial assessment, each stage would put the learners’ needs into consideration to motivate learning.
A range of different approaches and resources would be employed in facilitating lesson, such as, drawing , using pictures in conjunction with text to illustrate lesson and group activities and presenting the lesson or activities and assessments would be pitched at the right level to encourage inclusion, valuing and respecting learners’ diversity. During assessment sessions, measures would be in place to ensure that this group of learners receive extra support, not patronising them, but, ensuring that they are not discriminated against. Their literacy and numeracy skills needs would be addressed by referring to Additional Learning Support Team or ESOL. As an educator, there is a need to ensure that all my learners are treated equally regardless of their individual needs or abilities, there would be an understanding and appreciation of student’s individual differences, each learner will have their own unique abilities (Pett, 2004) which would be accommodated. In 2001 the Special Educational Needs and Disability Act was created ensuring that any and all educational establishments made reasonable adjustments in order to facilitate learning for anyone with a physical, mental or learning disability; these can not only include changes to practice and additional further support such as, a specialist teacher or LSA (Learning support Assistant), but also to equipment and the actual learning environment. (Directgov 2010)
Furthermore, as mentioned above it is...

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