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Explain How To Promote Equality And Value Diversity Of Service Users

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Task 2 Theme 2
Explain how to promote equality and value diversity of service users

Stereotyping is where people are grouped based on how they look or how they act. Stereotyping is mainly done based on people’s appearances. Everyone stereotypes, even if they do not mean to, it is just natural. An example of stereotyping can be an idea from the media and the views on women. The media try to portray that women who are tall and slim are beautiful. Although this might not be true, it still has its effects on people.
Stereotyping is also about grouping, nowadays people are often classed as being things such as ‘emos’ or ‘chavs’ There is no actual thing, but these ...view middle of the document...

This is a form of discrimination as you are doing something based on what you think of someone.

What Links them all
Stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination are all based upon assumptions that are made about other people. These judgements can be positive or negative.
In most cases it is negative but not all.
Discrimination is in some cases illegal depending on what has happened.
Stereotyping and prejudice are very similar because both can be done without knowing the person you are judging.
Stereotyping refers to groups of people, prejudice is about thoughts and discrimination is about actions, it is what you do towards the person.
Stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination are all very closely related.

The Origins of Discrimination
Historical perspectives
In the past discrimination has been shown in different ways and by different people, there are well known things that have happened where people have been discriminated against.
The slave trade is one of them. The people from Africa who were black were taken to become slaves. This is like a form of racism but bigger, it is discrimination because it is an action.
At the same time and still after the slave trade happened, there was segregation. Black and white people were both separated, the white people got what they wanted and got to do...

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