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Explain How 'the Lost Boys' Is An Appropriation Of Bram Stoker's 'dracula'

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Dracula is a tale of good vs. evil, within the context of Victorian England. Various themes and current social issues are explored through the activities of Dracula. The story begins in Transylvania, where we are introduced to Count Dracula, and his potential evil as the main threat throughout the story. We’re also introduced to Jonathon Harker, who at this point is the Count’s prisoner in order for the Count to learn something of the English ways. He is an average Victorian male with typical fears and desires as shown in the scene with the three female vampires. The plot then moves to Whitby where Dracula attacks Lucy Westenra, Harker’s fiancée’s best friend, who is then turned into a ...view middle of the document...

The characters have been changed to enable a modern audience to relate to the characters.

An important textual form Bram Stoker used in Dracula is the fragmentary structure. Initially, it provides the story with more weight as a true account of something; everything in the book has been written by a character through diary entries, letters and articles. Through this format, suspense is built in the last chapters of the book when Mina and Jonathon Harker are frantically pushing themselves to write down all of the diary entries made. Another way Stoker tries to make the story more believable is through the explicit details he provides of the Count’s planning of his attack, as an attempt to avoid as many logical gaps as possible. However, the most prominent features of Bram Stoker’s Dracula are the gothic symbols and elements which provide the reader with the fundamental fear that is intended. When Jonathon Harker is travelling into Transylvania, many of the gothic symbols are mentioned. The crumbling, old, architecture represents the degradation of the Christian values. The religious icons are a metaphor for Christian values. They are present as protection and comfort consistently throughout the novel, because of the complete reliance on the Christian faith at the time. Darkness and shadows increase the suspense and are used to represent fear of the unknown. The sound of wolves and fearsome beasts reinforces the horror as done commonly in gothic literature. As the story progresses blood is referred to a number of times, and Stoker does this to suggest bodily fluids, associated with sexual intercourse. Blood is a dominant motif of the gothic symbols and also represents the giver of life and death. As a basis to the story, Stoker uses the metaphor of the vampire to represent a spreading evil in women as the times began to change dramatically, whereas the men represent the spreading and the resurrection of Christian values.
Joel Schumacher’s appropriation of Dracula was produced in the form of a film, to represent the change in times and the most common form of medium to appeal to the desired audience. To express the ideas and values Schumacher had, he was able to use film techniques, which provide the audience with a concise understanding of the messages being...

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