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Explain How Focusing On The Customer, By Providing Good Customer Service, Is Essential To Retailing

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Customer service is important because it allows the business to stay connected with its customers and to receive valuable feedback which could prove beneficial to the business in regards to any improvements needed to be made to their products and services. It is also important to carry out good customer since satisfied customers will make repeat purchases and recommend the product to friends, leading to additional word-of-mouth sales.
For this task, I am going to devise a customer satisfaction survey for use whilst undertaking a “mystery shopper” experience at Boots and Tesco. I will use this form to comment on the type of customer service I received from the two outlets and justify how ...view middle of the document...

Yes No
Customer Satisfaction
Does the retail outlet offer value for money? 
Was there information available on your purchase? 
Staff on Floor
Were you satisfied with the service you received? 
Are staff knowledgeable on products? 
Does the store offer delivery? 
Do they offer cash back, if yes, have you ever used it? 
No I haven’t used their cash back services
Do they use electronic/self-service tills? 
Are the electronic tills more efficient when it comes to customer satisfaction? 

My Overall Shopping Experience – Boots & Tesco
I was satisfied with my shopping experience at Boots; I wasn’t hovered over or looked upon which made me feel free to move around the shop in search of a product. The aisles were well labelled which made it easy to find products. I tested the knowledge of a staff member by asking for a beauty product that I already knew they sold via their online website. The employee who assisted me mimicked the product description which was given online, as well as showing me customer reviews on their in store tablet. I also asked if she had any experiences with the product in which she replied that she hadn’t with that particular brand but have had with another from the Boots brand. She then gave me a review about it and went ahead and got the product for me to see and read...

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