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Explain And Discuss How The War Of Impendence, The Declaration Of Independence Etc. Influences The Understanding Of The Us Today

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Explain and discuss how the War of Impendence, the Declaration of Independence etc. influences the understanding of the US today.

America has been independence since 1776 and the idea of the US has followed it the whole way through until now and definitely the way forward. I have always seen The US as a great country, a superpower which always stands in the front of their beliefs and the worlds. The US is in one way the centre of the world and always has the leading part. I have never seen the US as a country far away from my own, Denmark, but the culture is a total difference anyway. The history of the US has influenced the understanding of the US in every way; in values and in beliefs. ...view middle of the document...

The Bill of Rights is the first teen amendments in the constitution of America. It was introduced to the first United States Congress in 1789. And all of these amendments are built on individuals. And that is how the US is today. In America the Government has less influence on the people than in Denmark and other countries, and you are allowed more things in America. You are for example allowed to wear a gun because you are allowed to protect your self. In the American amendment there is written since there is a need of a militia for a free Stats security may there don’t be interference in the peoples right to hold and wear weapons. After the murders of Martin Luther King and Kennedy there were decided on a Gun control act but in the present America are there a lot of people who thinks it offends the human rights. The National Rifle Association has made a “sale video” for the right of wearing gun which involves children wearing guns. I think that is emphasizing the feeling of freedom in every way the Americans truly think they have. The war of Independence has given the US nationality. They are proud of being Americans because they are proud of their ideas. The win of the war of independence was not very certain but they made. They won with torch and blood in a God case.
Through the years that feeling has followed them. The US as a free country is the core of the understanding of the US. From the civil war, Gettysburg Address turned into a tribute of the living to the war effort to preserve a nation of freedom. “God shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth”. (Gettysburg Address) The declaration of independence and Gettysburg Address has an enormous influence of the understanding of the US. It is the breast milk of the US. Through the years every big speech has referred to them. They created a nation in 1776 and it is still the same nations. It has the...

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