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Experiment On Food Test Essay

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In this experiment I had to do a food test on a variety of foods such as Apple, Celery, Bread, Biscuit, Cheese, and Milk mixing or combining with the Iodine solution, Sodium Hydroxide solution and Copper Sulphate solution. From that It allowed me to see if there are any changes to the foods when adding the solutions. The most important part when doing this food test was I had to investigate it safely and efficiently followed by the health and safety rules so that I carry out my experiment in a correct way and therefore my results can be accurate enough.

I had to follow the health and safety rules as it was very important for me to follow them when doing the food test experiment. This is ...view middle of the document...

fold the paper over the food substance and press down. Examine the filter paper and
record your findings. A colourless stain that doesn't dry indicates the presence of fat.

Below is a result table showing the results of the investigation
Food taken
Iodine solution

Sodium Hydroxide and Copper Sulphate solution

Contain fat or not
No colour change normal
No colour change
Does not contain fat
No colour change normal
No colour change
Does not contain fat
Yes colour change to black which is starch
No colour change
Does not contain fat
Yes colour change to black which is starch
No colour change
Contains fat
No colour change
Colour change to purple which is protein
Contains fat
No colour change
Colour change to purple which is protein
Contains fat

As you can see from the above experiment for the iodine solution I have found out that the colour changes to black in the bread and in the biscuit because starch is presented there . The amylase in starch forms helices where iodine molecules assemble forming a black colour. When starch is broken down into smaller carbohydrate units, the black colour is not produced. Whereas for the milk, cheese celery and apple does not change its colour when adding the iodine solution because there are no starch in it.

Then after I finished testing for the Iodine solution, I had to throw the foods and clean the white tile and test tubes and bring in the new foods again for the Sodium Hydroxide and...

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