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Experience Essay

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IIMA FDP Alumni Conference - Ethics & CSR 20-21 December 2013 It was a tremendous experience as well as a proud feeling to be a part of IIM-A FDP Alumni Conference, like “A sea meeting to a river” The fog was being cleared by many highly learned and extremely experience personalities during these two days with their innovative approach which I felt glad to be present with them. Especially the words spoken by Padmashree K. Ramkrishna Rao sir were very touching. The way he tried to explain the complex topics, briefly with a common way that was really phenomenal. I learned about human values and their basic responsibility towards society with the help of gandian studies or believe we can say. I ...view middle of the document...

 Learning’s  As we know that the current generation deals with number only. It’s been a practice that we judge, rate; adopt a company on basis of the number of awards they won.  There may me companies equally social responsible even more without wining award but the “water is above nose level”. Who is going to understand the fact? That’s reason awards become universal accepted eligibility criteria.  At the same wining an award also it’s not a cup of tea.  CSR and social entrepreneur : issues, discussion and challenges This was presented by KIIT Delegates, basically they tried to draw a comparison among top business house at home and at worldwide its been a nice experience to gather information on such topics.  Learning’s  As we to know that an action can be illegal but morally right. And an action that is legal can be morally wrong. There is every possibility that the entrepreneur will face above dilemma they have to prioritize.

 Why do information system fail  ‘Too much greed and over innovative ideas to earn super profit tend to “IS” failure”  Lack of basic knowledge  People lack in proper communication  Inefficiency in decision making  Gap between top management and bottom management The reasons have to considered to avoid IS failure as stated by prof. V.Venkat Rao

 Hybrid business modal and social business models Actually this presentation was presented by prof. Anand Jaiswal though it’s a ongoing research work he covered to the fullest extent. As we know that business Is for business we do business. So what he tried to explain is there should be model where the entrepreneurs can focus simultaneously on profit

and to meet society needs. He tried to compare apollo with sankar netralaya on different parameters. He explained about Yusuf idea with a rectangular diagram Learning’s
 Now this high to adopt hybrid modals because it will have good impact on business environment...

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